Honoring 25 Million Servicemen with Veterans Day Pins

October 16, 2023

Although Veterans Day falls in November, you can use Veterans Day pins and other ways to celebrate and honor our veterans throughout the entire year. But did you ever wonder why November was the month to host Veterans Day?

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History of Veterans Day

Although WWI officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, the fighting had actually stopped months earlier. On November 11, 1918 an armistice, or ceasefire, was called between the Allies and Germans.  Because of that, November 11, 1918 is usually viewed as the end of the war.  Following the war’s end, in an effort to honor the soldiers of the war, President Wilson declared November 11 as Armistice Day.  Although the original holiday was meant for specifically honoring veterans of World War I, following World War II it was amended to honoring American veterans of all wars.  This change also brought about a name change; from Armistice Day to Veterans’ Day.

Veterans Day versus Memorial Day

Many Americans confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. Although both holidays celebrate the soldiers and servicemen of America, Veterans Day honors all military veterans while Memorial Day honors those who have died in service. Hence the names, MEMORIAL Day (in memory of those we’ve lost) and VETERANS Day (honoring our veterans).

Celebrating Veterans Day

There are many ways to celebrate Veterans Day and honor those who have served.   Some celebrations include parades or programs, flag-raising ceremonies, and musical events. PinProsPlus can help design Veterans Day pins, Flag Pins to honor specific veterans, or to celebrate all who have served. Today there are over 25 million living veterans in America.  November 11 may be the official holiday for recognizing them, but we should find ways to honor our veterans and all our military personnel throughout the year. Those who fought for us didn’t just fight one day of the year. We love and appreciate them all.

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