How Challenge Lapel Pins Can Help You with The Mannequin Challenge

October 16, 2023

Challenge pins are often awarded to people who have completed a difficult task or assignment. And with hundreds of challenges in various categories there are many opportunities for people to earn these awards.  There are fitness challenges, clean eating challenges, and reading challenges, just to name a few.  And while the latest challenge sweeping the nation doesn’t have a challenge pin awarded at the end, it still might make you stop and stare. Literally.

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The Start of the Challenge

In October in Jacksonville, Florida, a group of high school students got together and created a video. The video showed the group holding different poses as though frozen in time, all while the camera weaved in and out of the scene.  They shared the video using the hashtag #MannequinChallenge, and the latest viral craze was born.  Soon students in other schools joined in, holding scenes in classrooms or the lunch room.  Eventually the challenge made its way to celebrities and sports teams, with even First Lady Michelle Obama joining the fun.

Joining the Viral Video Ranks

Today there are hundreds of Mannequin Challenge videos and the Mannequin Challenge can join the ranks of other viral fads, like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Running Man Challenge. If you want to add your own mannequin attempt to the mix just grab a group of friends and strike a pose.  But don’t expect to get any challenge pins for your completion of this task—this challenge is just for fun.Although you may not get an award for making your own Mannequin Challenge video, there are challenges that do give out prizes and rewards. And if you have a challenge that needs some bling for your winners, PinProsPlus can help.  PinProsPlus can make unique challenge pins or coins that are great for acknowledging a participant’s achievement.  Who knows, your challenge might even become the next viral fad!

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