How Do Associations Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

Associations provide mutual support and unite people with similar goals and interests. The custom pin is integral to cohesion, identity, and team spirit in any formal or informal associations.

Here are a few suggestions from PinProsPlus to give you ideas for the best use of association pins.

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Team spirit

Associations include consortiums, alliances, coalitions, leagues, unions, guilds, federations, cooperatives, syndicates, and partnerships. All associations have a common goal, be they a large professional association like a bankers association or a small crafter's guild. Many association members invest their time and effort to make their communities better. As they work toward mutual goals, they share time.

PinProsPlus can help you create association pins that match the group you belong to and your members. The pins can be designed with a professional logo and association name. We welcome all custom ideas, as well. As a result, your members will feel more connected to your association with our pins.

Awards and recognition

Recognizing efforts and success is a good idea to inspire the association members to strive more towards its goals. Once again, lapel pins come in handy here. When it's time to honor people and give them commendations - you can do it cost-effectively with custom lapel pins.

Ask the entire team to name someone who has demonstrated extreme dedication this month. Then, bestow them a custom lapel pin that recognizes their contributions to the organization. This allows other members to be inspired to do more.


Custom pins can make it easier for associations to raise funds and grow. The pins are ideal for recruiting members, fundraising, and campaigning. Stylish custom pins help identify and distinguish an association from others in the same industry or niche. They also help to market it.

Yes, that's right, pins can do the heavy lifting in marketing and fundraising to save your time and budget. You just have to get them designed right. You can use association lapel pins to attract new members, inspire donors to give more, or campaign for meaningful causes.

Publicity and pride

Pins can help all members to share the association's ideas and beliefs with the world and aspirations. You can have your custom lapel pins created designed with your brand colors, names, and initials to share with the world your goals and passion.

The pins boost member morale and help to win the trust of the communities. In an event, such as a trade fair or a conference, the pins will allow visitors to be informed directly and at a glance about the name and activity of your association.

Simplified interactions

The lapel pin is an important element in simplifying professional communication during your events. Personalized and nominative pins will allow your participants to identify themselves quickly. They will be able to identify more carefully the information written on the pins and better assimilate it to differentiate between the many categories of participants.

A unique signature

Professional pins are an important part of modern association identity, so we specialize in individualized designs. In most cases, it is possible to use your own logo or the company's own font. And to protect the wearer's work clothes, we have the option of magnetic fasteners. The pins can be optimally attached to any item of clothing, which makes opening and closing very easy and quick.

Rank and designation

You can use lapel pins of different colors and designs to show different ranks and designation in your association. Internal communication is thus considerably simplified. Many associations have made it compulsory for their employees to wear badges. The positive effect on the communication climate and effectiveness soon turned this duty into a valued habit in most cases.

Streamlined entries to an event

Making pins for your association events will allow you to control access simply and quickly. It will also make the queue at the entrance more fluid and reduce waiting time. As a result, your participants will be able to access your event without difficulty and thus benefit from it as quickly as possible.

Now you know! A custom lapel pin is a fundamental part of everyday operations in associations. They are a symbol of membership, identity, accomplishment, and uniqueness.

Let's design and manufacture custom pins for your association today and have them shipped to wherever you like. You will receive pins that are customized to fit your needs and delivered on time. Contact PinProsPlus at (801) 544-1005.

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