How do Awareness Causes use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

There are numberless designs and styles to choose from to share your message with awareness cause pins.

They are a fun and low-cost way to promote your charity. You can use the pins to recruit volunteers, spread awareness, raise funds for your cause, and promote it successfully. For many years, PinProsPlus has helped nonprofits to drive campaign success with custom pins. Use cases include:

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‍1. Get people to give you money

Your charity's mission can be reflected in collectible pins. You can get inspired by some of the most popular charity fundraisers out there, such as the National Trust and the RSPB, to build a custom pin unique to your charity. The items can be sold by volunteers, at retail outlets, or online on your website and are great for raising funds and awareness for your cause.

2. Shout it out loud

As an instrument for raising awareness, custom pins can help promote your worthy cause. Creating a charity pin that features your logo or design is an excellent way to improve your charity's public awareness and its purpose. Having a pin that shows your support for your organization can serve as a great conversation starter and be a subtle way to show how much you care.

3. Get people talking

Engaging people in the streets, at work or events, can be as easy as wearing a rightly designed custom lapel pin. The right pin is ideally sizeable and designed with your logo, mission, and the cause that you fight for. At PinProsPlus, we can design and make awareness cause pins that promote open interaction in public and get people talking. Whether it's gun violence, heart health, or gender equality, our charity pins inspire acts of kindness and help charities communicate better with the world.

4. Appreciate your people

Many people enjoy fundraising events, and they are memorable occasions. Show everyone how much you appreciate them by offering them a fun charity pin at your next fundraising event. Custom pins will serve as a unique souvenir for all your participants. Also, your charity will get its name and mission renowned on the streets, at home, and on buses.

5. Identify your people

In what ways does your charity engage communities, schools, or other occasions where volunteers are needed? Might your charity benefit from custom ID pins? You can create ID pins as fun or as formal as you wish to identify your team members. Incorporating ID pins into your charity's ethos allows your staff to be identifiable while also keeping it personal.

6. Recruit the angels

Worthy causes are nothing without the people behind them-the donors, volunteers, and event organizers. These people give their time, energy, and money to charitable causes. They are on the side of the angels. When it's time to recruit them, personalized pins could help you entice them.

Examples of worthy cause pins

Forget-me-not pin

Anyone can wear the blue forget-me-not pin to show support for the Alzheimer's Society. Some charities use flowers, ribbons, or other symbols to symbolize their mental health causes.

Cancer research pin

Our range of cancer ribbon pins can help you show your support for cancer research. You can use them to accessorize clothing, bags, gift bags, and greeting cards.

Animal rights pins

Nonhuman animals are considered persons rather than property under animal rights theory. It is now illegal to unethically use animals as research subjects, as entertainment, as clothing, as food, or as labor. Several animal rights groups use animal rights pins for identity and when spreading awareness on animal welfare.

Gun violence prevention pins

The nonprofit organization Gun Violence Archive noted over 240 mass shootings in just the first five months of 2021. There is a need to act. PinProsPlus gun violence prevention pins can help you raise awareness about gun violence-to save lives.

Blood donation pin

Blood donation pins honor blood donors. Charities can award these pins to those who have repeatedly donated blood to save seriously ill and injured people. The pins can be designed with the emblem "Blood saves lives," a wreath across, and a garnet.

If you would like to benefit from these and other functions of custom pins in your charity campaign, contact PinProsPlus, the industry-leading company in custom pin design and manufacturing. Call (801) 544-1005.

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