How Do Bowling Leagues Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Bowling leagues use custom pins to show people's teams or individual participation in their league.

These pins are also used to promote the league and usually have a logo on them, with graphics and colors representing the team. Custom bowling league pins have given many league members joy, high esteem, a sense of belonging, and inspiration to achieve greater goals.

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‍Boost team spirit

When you are part of a bowling league, custom pins are a great way to nurture team spirit. The pins are always made with your team's colors and logo. Sometimes your name is on the back, so people will remember who is on which team.

By wearing a bowling league pin, members are inspired to work together. The more we work with people we like (regardless of whether they're more or less experienced than us), the more likely we'll want to work with them again.

Most leagues order them in bulk and pick an order date accordingly. They can order pins of different shapes and sizes to correspond to each team's name and theme.

Show personality

Before joining a bowling league, you never knew the colorful, engaging personalities in your community. Just by being part of the bowling league, you'll see some great personalities and brush shoulders with rockstar bowlers, too!

And what better way to let your personality show than by wearing your custom bowling league pin? Your charming bowling personality will give way to exciting interactions and fun moments with other bowlers who have an incredible array of life experiences.


Custom pins for bowling leagues offer an excellent opportunity for socialization and friendship, and camaraderie. When used by teams, they encourage positive interactions with both peers and leadership figures alike.

When exchanged in competitions, the pins tend to inspire fun and enjoyable interactions due to the highly social nature of this popular sport.

Inspire fitness

To get people to be fit, bowling leagues are coming up with custom pins to inspire more physical activity. This is an excellent idea because it helps promote healthy living and exercise.

Physical activity on a bowling alley helps you burn more calories, and custom bowling pins can be the inspiration members need to hit their fitness goals. Stereotypes would show that sitting down non-stop on a piece of furniture designed with the sole purpose of letting people bowl doesn't apply in this case.

But running back and forth between lanes throughout the night can be pretty exhausting and will help you save burn a bit of calories even if your only sport during the season is going to a local alley once a week. The journey to your ideal fit self is made even more fun with pins and friends.

Announce USBC membership

Bowling members become part of the United States Bowling Congress and can use custom bowling league pins to denote this membership. USBC membership costs less than you might expect for a Bowling Association.

And as a member, you get special discounts and great prices during national competitions and events throughout the year. You will have your custom pin to announce your membership during tournaments. Who knows, your league may even get exemptions from entry fees!

Elevate Status

Custom bowling pins say: "Yes, I'm a bowler." There's really something to be said for how satisfying it can be to relay the fact that you bowl in a league and watch the perplexed look on people's faces as they try to process what that means. It is a significant boost to self-esteem, and custom pins guarantee that wherever you go.


It sounds a little crazy, but custom pins can become a significant fundraiser for your bowling league - especially if you have a lot of members. That is because people love to buy and collect those pins from your league. It's quite easy to do, as long as you go about it the right way.

Members of the league can donate to local charities to get custom pins that display the society's name, and then they hand them out to donors. Custom pins are a fun and unique way to connect with potential donors, and by ordering custom pins, they will be able to keep your fundraiser in mind every time they bowl.

At PinProsPlus, we create custom bowling pins that serve multiple purposes, as explored above. Our customer-centric, creative, and agile teams are on standby to help achieve your goals. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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