How Do Cruise Ships Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Cruise ships often give away free promotional pins to their guests. Cruise lines use these pins for a variety of marketing purposes.

They can be used for onboard contests, promote the cruise line's charity, or incentivize booking with a particular travel agent. You can also use customized pins to reward your employees when they go above and beyond for you.

Cruise ships have also found another way to offer their travelers souvenirs by selling custom pins. There are usually around ten different pins available, and they range in price from $6 to $10 each. When choosing which type of pin to give your workers, consider what you want the pin to stand for to best suit your company's needs.

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Cruise ships often promote their services by handing out custom pins. The first step is to decide on the design of your desired lapel pin and then send it to a company that will etch the design onto the metal surface using sandblasting or laser engraving. This can also be used as a simple form of branding for your cruise ship and may help spread awareness about your brand. You can get these pins from various suppliers such as PinProsPlus, where we boast the most customer-centric made-to-order services.

Loyalty rewards

The cruising business can start a pin-based loyalty program with points built up for every dollar spent with the company. Customers receive different custom pins when they reach various milestones in their booking process, such as 25 points for filling out the necessary forms, 50 points for uploading videos depicting the details of what they would like to explore, and 100 points for enrolling in an environmental outreach class. These points-loaded pins are used to purchase discount coupons, freebies, or raffles where they can win big prizes like an iPad, diamond ring, or $2,000 gift card on the cruise.

Traveler souvenirs

Whenever you go on a vacation or come across an inspiring location, it's easy to want to bring a little bit of the excitement back home with you. One of the best souvenirs you can bring back is custom pins because they are fun and memorable. Custom lapel pins make a great souvenir because they can be fun and goofy while also exciting and memorable for years down the track.

Service industries even use custom lapel pins as they become conversation starters that their customers may enjoy wearing again and again. This might seem small but is exponentially effective in building brand loyalty among your target audience.

Employee rewards

Cruise ship companies give out pins after employees work their first full day. The pin is considered the employee's "ticket" to all of the food and beverage offered onboard and certain discounts. Employees receive a new pin every three years.

Fun team bonding

Cruise ship companies use custom pins to encourage their employees to work together on many projects, not just their roles on the ship. By having their employees work together, they can bond over time, have fun together, and form enjoyable and rewarding relationships for all involved. Because this is encouraged during work hours, cruise ships provide an excellent sort of workplace for those who enjoy socializing with each other during the day.

Cruise ship contests

Cruise ship contests are free, but you have to meet specific requirements. The custom pins are used as a marketing tool to incentivize guests to participate in various contests. Prizes are awarded to the winners of the contest. The pins are also given out for no charge to those who complete certain tasks.

Cruise ships are one of the best ways to vacation. Cruises offer superb amenities, such as pools and spas, as well as fantastic food and fun activities for kids and adults alike. Cruise ships also offer a range of souvenirs and items for guests to purchase during their travels. One of these is custom pins. Customers can use these pins to mark their accomplishments on the ship, such as reaching a certain level in the casino or finding a unique item at one shop. They can also use them as souvenirs after the cruise.

Cruise ships can use the pins within the ships to promote sailor camaraderie and encourage hard work and dedication among crew members. If you want to design memorable and awe-inspiring custom pins for your cruise ships, PinProsPlus is the place to start. We put your needs first and make your goals our own. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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