How do Marketing Agencies use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

Many businesses use personalized custom pins to celebrate the launch of products and services or commemorate an employee's lengthy service with the firm.

And in marketing agencies today, custom pins seem to be a cornerstone of business marketing. From boosting brand loyalty and inspiring brand love to triggering the social virility of brands, the usage of custom pins in marketing agencies is limitless.

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1.   Elevating brand awareness

You can have your company's name, trademark, or logo featured on custom lapel pins. This makes it an essential part of professional attire. Whenever your agency's representatives interact with clients or the general public while wearing these pins, they will indirectly promote your brand identity.

Marketing firms use lapel pins to project a professional picture and to showcase their brand-with pride. At PinProsPlus, we help marketing agencies convey their mission and purpose to the world engagingly and memorably.

2.   Celebrating "kick-ass" marketers

It's not easy to boost staff morale in marketing agencies. It would help if you came up with innovative ways to acknowledge their achievements. And custom lapel pins are the simplest way to do that.

You can also have special "trophy" pins made for your long-serving personnel. You may add inspiring words like "world's best marketer to it" to it. Those who earn a custom pin can proudly display it as a symbol of achievement.

3.   Good for product launches

An original and one-of-a-kind custom lapel pin can be an excellent promotional tool for new product launches. In this case, you can have various designed custom pins manufactured to hand out to your brand influencers.

You could design special pins to commemorate anniversaries and distribute them to your first 100 clients. You know, the first clients who helped you become the big name you are today.

You can also use custom lapel pins in a fund-raising plan for a charitable cause, asking people to donate a little amount in return for a custom lapel pin. When appropriately created, lapel pins may generate significant brand exposure in the local area, making this a good investment for marketing of all kinds.

4.   I was a member of that tremendous event

If you have marketing plans for a special event such as a grand opening or sales holiday, pins will ideally function to mark these events. Once the event is over, your pins may become souvenirs. Customers will have something to look back at and remember their awesome experience. This is the definition of Top-of-Mind Awareness.

5.   Boost Social Media Virility

More companies are pouring money into digital marketing and getting followers on social media. You can cut through the competitive noise without paying for ads by giving away custom pins.

You do not have to overspend on selling products through social media and getting followers. As a marketing strategy, you can use custom pins to boost your online traction. A client we know was able to boost their Instagram numbers by 300,000 with this simple hack. They gave out enamel pins in exchange for a follow, like, and share on Instagram.

Marketing firms can use this strategy or even set up contests giving a pin to each winner. If effectively done, brands can successfully draw followers from the Instagram account to their official website. Remember that the Instagram algorithm is in favor of high engagement. When your contests get likes and comments, it will trigger an avalanche of likes and comments throughout the webiverse.

6. Telling brand stories

People enjoy receiving gifts-meaningful gifts-from businesses. You can use lapel pins to share stories about your firm, such as how it began or how it has persisted for decades. Corporate custom lapel pins have a plethora of advantages when it comes to brand storytelling. They are tangible and timeless.

In a nutshell, custom pins are effective and cheap as a marketing arsenal. They save you the costs of advertising your services and products on expensive channels. And most importantly, you are in control of the creation of your marketing-agency custom lapel pin. This means you get to drive your own ideas home!

If you would like the rewarding experience of using custom pins in your marketing agency, PinProsPlus is happy to help. We have an A-Team of designers and marketing geniuses ready to help you create and make the best of your custom pins. Call (801) 544-1005 for inquiries.

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