How Do Pin Collectors use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

Pin collectors have fire in their hearts. They ride on the same passion that drives art collectors.

In both cases, both men and women take pleasure in researching and investigating pieces, commissioning custom works, and acquiring and eternalizing pieces in their homes and places of work. PinProsPlus has helped many pin collectors fulfill their visions in many ways, as seen below.

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‍Baseball and softball pins

A team sport such as softball or soccer allows a person to be active while gaining essential life lessons that they can apply as they navigate life. Pins are collected by players for every tournament they compete in.

The pins give them a sense of belonging to a group of fellow members, boosting your self-esteem. By exchanging sports pins, players strengthen their bonds, boost their confidence, and lower stress levels. The pins help youngsters gain more confidence and learn to resist social pressure.

Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind competition pins

Traditions such as pin trading are part of Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind. Collecting pins is a popular activity among the players. Participants can trade these pins after a competition to show camaraderie. The competitions are open to students of all ages. The pins collected symbolize new experiences and new skills learned in these events, from curriculum knowledge to social awareness and relationship skills.

Olympic pins

Olympic pin-swapping has almost become a sport. Enamel prizes symbolize a place or memory or new friendships. The collection of Olympic pins is a badge of honor for some people who are archive experts on the modern Olympic Games. Olympic pin collectors adhere to the old-fashioned tradition of trading and collecting pins during the Olympics.

It is not uncommon for Olympic pins to be accompanied by legends. Collectors of pins are often on the lookout for unicorns, making this type of hunt even more exciting. The value of an Olympic pin can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Collectors who have spent a considerable amount of time searching for a pin are likely to pay more for it.

Movie pins

Some collectors go after pins from movies like Harry Potter, Star Trek, and DC Comics. These coveted pins are among the most wanted in the world and have good value. Even so, the prices are pretty high.

Other collectibles everyone enjoys include Disney pins, which are rare and extravagant. Depending on the quality, these pins can be worth $5-$5,000. Pins released between 1990 and 2010 tend to be worth more than newer ones.

Travel pins

Exploration at its core is the purpose of travel. There is something exhilarating about exploring unknown territories and helping to forge new trails. Other people follow the path you have blazed. The travel pin recognizes those who make it around the world. When you collect travel pins, you show that you're not only talking the talk, you're also walking the walk.

Prestige and esteem

For emotional collectors, their intentions and attractions are beyond reason. These are passionate collectors with ritualistic tendencies. Emotional pin collectors go after uniquely designed custom pins for curiosity, erudition, devotion, prestige, and desire to rise in class and societal esteem.

Memories and legacy

If you are an emotional collector, your interest in the pins is beyond the material. You love to hold on pins for memories. You use pins as a representation of values. You love to learn from pins with ancient designs and wish to hand pins down your family line.

At PinProsPlus, whatever drives our clients drives us. Whether you need custom pins that symbolize your family or corporate values and legacy, we can supply you with extensive designs in a wide range of materials.

Source of income

Yes. You can start collecting pins to supplement your income. The expansion of the custom pins market and its access points online offers many opportunities to collect and resell contemporary pins. These pins have diverse applications in fashion, clubs, corporations, et al. You can focus on satisfying practically any demand-type, even from aspiring collectors who do not have large budgets. You can resell your pins to other collectors.

Are you an avid pin collector, or are you just getting started? Let's help you grow your hobby and possibly profit from it with expertly designed custom pins. Call PinProsPlus at Call (801) 544-1005. 

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