How Do Police Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

In their business as policemen and policewomen, loyalty and ethics are the currency, and custom police pins symbolize that currency.

Custom police pins are routinely passed down from father to son in a police family. Rookies are taught to closely guard them and keep them visible, regardless of whether they are duty-bound or not.

Among the many reasons why police custom pins are essential is that they serve as symbols of their achievements. Also, they contain information regarding their rank and unit as police officers. At PinProsPlus, we are experts in designing and manufacturing all types of custom police pins for diverse applications.

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Riot Police Pins

It is the job of the riot police to confront protesters, crowds, and riots. The duties of riot police officers can vary depending on the situation and purpose. These forces may be engaged in controlling riots, dispersing crowds, maintaining public order, deterring criminal activity, or protecting people and property. In addition to identifying their unit, riot police pins honor their role in maintaining public safety.

Aviation Police Pins

It's not uncommon for police helicopters to get involved in manhunts and search-and-rescue operations. Usually, state and local police agencies seek help from these units in high-risk security cases. The aircraft unit responds to crimes in progress, assists in investigations of missing persons, and conducts routine patrol flights. Aviation police officers use custom pins and badges in these roles to identify themselves and be recognized.

K-9 Police Dog Pins

A police dog, also known as a K-9, assists police officers in maintaining peace and order. Just like their police counterparts, they bravely go through missions as full members of the squad, and with this, they deserve to be lauded as well. K-9 police pins recognize the outstanding work that this unit and its canines perform.

SWAT Police Pins

A SWAT team is a Special Weapons and Tactics police team with military training. This unit dispatches professionals 24/7 to handle barricaded individuals, active shootings, terrorist threats, barricaded suspects, barricaded persons, and high-risk search warrants.

Many SWAT teams use automatic and specialized firearms, such as assault rifles, submachine guns, stun grenades, sniper rifles, smoke devices, and armored vehicles. SWAT police pins and badges recognize the unit's discipline, cutting-edge skills, and physical and mental prowess.

Blue Ribbon Pins

In the line of duty, police officers never cower from giving their lives to their country. Blue Ribbon pins recognize officers for their sacrifice and unquestionable courage. The department provides blue-ribbon police pins to the family members of dead officers. The pins serve to remember fallen policemen and policewomen for their valor and ultimate sacrifice.

Mounted Police Pins

You might have seen motorcycle, ATV, or horse-mounted officers around town. In terms of agility and terrain capability, mounted police can reach places where police vehicles or emergency vehicles can't.

Therefore, mounted police often respond to accidents and crimes fast. Custom pins for Mountain Police Units help build unity among the members and recognize their outstanding service and commitment.

Sheriff Recognition Pins

A custom sheriff's pin represents the sheriff's position prominently, representing authority and rank. A custom pin may also be awarded to a sheriff who exhibits exceptional bravery.

These star-shaped pins designate law enforcement officers who have demonstrated a commitment to fighting crime within their jurisdictions.

Cybercrime Police Pins

The International Police Chiefs Association estimates that there is typically a cyber component to almost every crime. Embezzlement or hacking crimes could be more directly connected to digital activity than embezzlement.

The Cybercrime Police Pin appreciates and recognizes how hard this unit works in tracking criminal activity and solving crimes involving computers.

Active-Duty Police Pins

Public servants whose task is to keep the peace are obligated to wear an easily identifiable badge. Along with the official badge, police officers can wear custom police pins on active duty. They make it easy for active police officers to identify each other. PinProsPlus custom police pins can take all forms of abuse. They are ultra-strong and long-lasting, a perfect symbol of police valor.

Community Hero Pins

Volunteer pins that resemble police badges may be awarded to civilians who have helped maintain peace and order in their communities. Among the behaviors qualifying for this merit are volunteering to work in search and rescue operations and working selflessly with firefighters.

Retired Police Pins

Over the years, faithful police officers serve their communities with a selfless dedication that deserves recognition. A custom retirement pin is a great way to honor their accomplishments when they hang their boots.

Do you need custom pins for your police force? PinProsPlus can help you celebrate officers, designate rank and mark special occasions with expertly designed custom police pins. Find out why we are the most preferred manufacturer of police pins across the U.S. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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