How do Quilting Clubs use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Custom pins offer a unique opportunity for motivation and stimulation in quilting clubs.

In addition to strengthening bonds between club members, the pins can be leveraged to attract like-minded people who are passionate about this craft. The role of quilting club custom pins further extends to quilting events, marketing and competitions. Read on to discover brand-new ways to enhance your knitting club with custom pins.

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‍Quilting friends and buddies

In the beginning, quilting was a group activity, but as families and homes have become more widely spread out, it has become more of a solitary activity. In addition to bringing a community feels to your quilting hobby, custom quilting club pins enhance the members' sense of pride in these clubs. When they get together donning the club's signature pins, team spirit improves, and they present an image of unity.

Training programs

What percentage of quilters have already made the most mistakes? Most members would give an eye-tooth for new skills and tips and tricks. There are many benefits to belonging to a quilt club, including sharing skills and learning from others.

Quilting clubs can use custom pins to enhance their training programs and motivate the passion and desire to learn and master the craft. Custom pins can inspire enthusiasm for learning and remind quilters how much fun quilting can be.


Many quilting clubs offer mini-workshops throughout the year. They help members learn about tools to use to make quilting more fun. The clubs can issue out custom pins to improve attendance at the events or as a financing avenue that replaces traditional tickets. Additionally, members usually teach at these workshops, and these people, among other volunteers, can be appreciated with custom pins. It's fair to reward them since they spend lots of time in preparation to deliver unique knowledge and insights.

New members are welcome.

What better ways to welcome new club members than with custom pins? At PinProsPlus, we have helped many quilt clubs personalize custom pins for their new members to welcome them in style. Giving your new members custom pins will improve their sense of belonging and overall self-esteem.

Quilting ideas

Have you heard members express having difficulty coming up with a great idea for a quilt that they would like to make? One of the roles of quilt clubs is to help fellow quilters out of this dead-end through the inspiration of designs, color combinations, and pictures. The creative individuals that come with these genius ideas can be recognized with custom pins. The same custom pin awards can go to those who turn these ideas into stunning quilts and those that sell these quilts for the highest returns.


Yes, many quilt clubs offer quilting supplies to members at a discount. Quilt club pin owners can be given priority to these discounts. This helps committed members to save money and invest more in superior quality products that can take their craft to a whole new level.

Owning these pins would also grant members access to the great perks of a free table, needles, or yarn at garage sales. Buying used items from another quilter can be a good way to find small things that may come in handy for a new project.

Competitions and challenges

If you're looking for a way to jumpstart your club's creativity, organizing a contest or challenge is usually a superb idea. A central quilting theme is often at the center of challenges. Members may be given the task of making a quilted pillowcase or similar products for donation to charities. Members that deliver the best results can be appreciated with custom pins.

Charity projects

Quilt clubs often have special community service projects they do to give back to their communities. The clubs may direct their outreach efforts to hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice units. Using custom pins in quilt clubs can be great to inspire members to participate in quilting projects that can positively impact the community and meet other quilters and talk quilting.

Would you like to enjoy the rewarding applications of custom pins in your quilt clubs? At PinProsPlus, our experts would be pleased to work with you to create the best-personalized pins that achieve your goals. Excellence and commitment to quality are in our DNA. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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