How Do Sororities Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

All over the country, fraternities and sororities announce their Greek letters, values, and memberships through custom-made pins.

PinProsPlus focuses on fraternity and sorority pin design and manufactures from both large and small sororities. Here are the diverse applications of sorority pins that we have seen through the years.

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‍Pins bind the members together.

It's not a trivial matter to join a Greek organization on campus. Students must be deemed a good fit for the sorority or fraternity by both the pledgee and the organization. It is also essential for pledges and members to get along well. Many of the organizations that successfully pledge members are rooted in over 100 years of history. A sorority pin represents their solidarity with each other and is cherished.

Identity and belonging

Members of fraternities and sororities feel like they are part of a community. The goal of joining a fraternity or sorority is to feel like part of the college community. In addition, making a connection now can benefit them later in life for networking, social interaction, and business. The pins are a constant reminder that the members are never alone-whether in school or after graduation.


As a sorority girl, you get to make friends with other women. It is a genuinely great experience, as you get to know so many people in an irreplaceable way. Friendships will be remembered with these pins.


Sororities provide the most supportive network around. No matter your situation, they will always be your #1 fan when you have good news, share an ice cream cone after a breakup, or make you a meal after a wild night. Sorority pins remind you that your sisters want to see you happy and will never stop working to make sure it happens.

Types of Sorority Pins

Chi Omega pins

As Sisters of Chi Omega, you will have a steady and consistent guide to follow to fulfill your purpose and achieve your goals. Members are inspired to pursue purpose, as they define it. Chi Omega pins remind members of this throughout their life.

Kappa Alpha Theta pins

Theta was founded as a Greek-letter fraternity by DePauw University's Kappa Alpha chapter on January 27, 1870. Kappa Alpha Theta is a life-long organization, and that is something that will never change. Kappa Alpha Theta pins represent the lifelong connection between the Kappa Alpha Theta brothers.

Delta Delta Delta Pins

The Tri Delta organization enables women with shared values to express themselves and be a part of something larger. The Delta Delta Delta pins represent their courage, boldness, and kindness, along with their devotion to serving others.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma members can expect various experiences from friendship to mentorship to leadership roles in the community to campus activities and lifelong involvement. These pins symbolize friendship and prestige among the members.

Pi Beta Phi Pins

Since 1867, Pi Beta Phi has supported and empowered women. The golden arrow pins have been worn proudly by more than 300,000 women throughout the centuries.

Kappa Delta Pins

The Kappa Delta Sorority empowers women through the power of lifelong friendships to become confident and to take action. The Kappa Delta pin symbolizes community service, academic achievement, leadership growth, and sisterhood.

Alpha Chi Omega Pins

In 220,000 strong women, members of Alpha Chi Omega members find strength in numbers. They cheer each other, guide one another, and encourage themselves through their life journey. During Ritual ceremonies or when volunteering at a women's shelter, members wear the Alpha Chi Omega pins with the lyre symbol with pride. Alpha Chi Omega pins encourage women to become the real, strong women they are meant to be.

There are countless other sororities, and they all use custom pins as a sign of their identity and the values they stand for. The pins are not only worn by members but are also a fundamental part of the rush, the application, and the selection process for fraternity and sorority membership.

A few examples of custom pins made by PinProsPlus include fraternity pins, pledge pins for rush, and more.

We at PinProsPlus know the need for fraternity and sorority pins, having been in the industry for many years. Our custom lapel pins will serve you well in your sorority. We have genius designs, expert production, and speedy delivery. In addition to sliders and glitter pins, we offer blinkies, bobbleheads, spinners, and danglers in all of our fraternity and sorority pin designs. Call (801) 544-1005 to request custom sorority pins.

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