How do Special Events use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

At least once per year, organizations, associations, families, schools, and movements celebrate a special event.

The PinProsPlus special event pin will make any event super-special! The personalized pins have diverse functions, including identifying the organizer and the event, access control, branding, networking, and souvenir.

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Identification of the organizer and the event

The organizer can distribute pins to guests-pins that identify the event and its organizers. These pins may carry a graphic symbol, text or, the company logo. They can also indicate the name, place, and date of the event.

Custom identification pins will help your guests recognize the organizer of the conference or convention they are attending. You can have them designed with the logos of your sponsors or partners so that they get more visibility.

At PinProsPlus, we can personalize your pins fast and easy, be it colors, graphic elements, personalized fields, and all to be sure that no detail is missing.

Brand engagement at conferences

Personalized pins convey a message without words but through images, which are more suggestive and more easily memorable. Imagine talking to someone who has their company logo pinned to their jacket. Instinctively you will be led to look at the pin without even realizing it.

As nice advertising gadgets, custom pins can be given away during special corporate events or fairs: made for merchandising and promotional marketing because they are easy to wear, suitable for any garment, visible to those who participate in the event.

Loyalty marketing at exhibitions

If created with style, personalized pins will win the attention of potential customers and amaze those who already know you. Customers will appreciate the gift because it is novel, trendy, and quality, and they will also use it on other occasions. In these cases, the simplicity of a small object becomes a powerful driving force that gives impetus to increasing visibility.

With a personalized pin, you give value to the brand, and if delivered during a themed event, such as a trade fair, people interested in the services you offer will keep it as a reminder. The pin, unlike business cards or brochures, is not easily lost. Indeed, if created with skill, special events custom pins can become a useful marketing tool that's infinitely reusable and immeasurably rewarding.

Access control at fundraisers

Custom pins can also serve as an "identity card" in a special event to make it possible to identify and recognize a guest. During design, you can include nominative elements such as first name, last name, and company. But we can also affix many other indications: the position, the category of the participant (if he is a partner, client, guest, press, VIP, staff, etc.).

Access control can be performed at each entrance, whether at the main entrance, workshop entrance, dining area, or in one-on-one meetings with custom pins. You can also use several different colored pins to help distinguish segments of the audience. This distinction makes it possible to sort the guests because they do not all have the same access and services; for example, a VIP may be greeted differently.

Networking at festivals

Your special event may attract hundreds of guests to discuss and debate common topics. For startups or ambitious people in any industry, this is an opportunity to meet new people and enhance networking.

The pin, containing the logos or company name of the participant, makes it easy for guests to identify themselves so that communication is easier and there are no misunderstandings. It will always be easier to remember the person's name and company by a single glance at their pins.

Souvenir from school tournaments

When a guest has enjoyed an event, they may want to keep their pin as a souvenir, to remember the event. You can also collect all the pins at the end of the event in bins to recycle them later.

Our pins are made of recyclable or biodegradable materials. They are meant to last many years and be used and reused many times-you get more bounce for the ounce.

PinProsPlus delivers the best pins.

We are an experienced custom pins company that has among its merits high customer ratings. We deliver quality craftsmanship on all orders with a speedy turnaround. We have massively invested in new technology, research, and development, to improve custom pin production techniques and offer high-quality products. Please tell us what special event custom pins you need, and we'll be happy to help. Call (801) 544-1005.

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