How Do Trucking Companies Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Custom pins for trucking companies are great to increase brand loyalty, customer retention, and work environment morale.

Trucking companies use customized trucker pins for marketing their business and making it easier for the owner to be recognized by customers on the road. Trucker pins can be imprinted with your company logo or slogan, which helps promote company awareness. Many trucking companies have also added "service pins" to recognize certain service time milestones for their drivers, such as anniversaries, safe driver awards, and many more.

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‍Recognition - Safe Driving

The most common recognition that trucking companies use custom pins is safe driving. Many companies give their drivers a pin for every year of accident-free driving. For example, a driver who has been accident-free for two years might receive a 2-year pin. These pins are great reminders and rewards for safe driving practices. They can also be worn on uniforms as a sign of accomplishment.

Company Branding

Custom pins often feature the company logo or branding colors. Some companies use these pins when entering competition events or displaying their trucks at trade shows. Others give them out to employees as incentives or to show pride in their company or department. Having custom pins made with your company logo and colors is an excellent way to get your branding out there, especially if you're looking for new customers or employees.

Years of Service Recognition Pins

Many trucking companies will offer custom-designed years of service pins to their employees. These pins are typically given out to the driver at the end of their first year. Each year, they are given a new pin that they have worked for the company.

These pins typically have an emblem on them or a symbol representing the trucking company that issued them. They also have a number on it that represents how many years the driver has been with the company.

Employee morale

Custom pins are excellent morale boosters. The drivers are proud to be working for a particular trucking company, and they enjoy passing out their pins to other truckers or even people they meet along the roadways during their travels.

Also, when drivers are in a new town and visit one of their favorite restaurants, it is not uncommon for them to pin the restaurant's menu or business card on their hat with the company pin designed just for them.

Identifying new drivers

A trucking company can have many employees, and it's easy to forget a name when you come across it for the first time. Sometimes, remembering the names of your fellow workers can be a challenge. This is where custom pins come in handy. Employees can wear these pins on their lapels to easily help their colleagues recognize them.

Celebrating achievements

Trucking companies also use custom pins to celebrate milestones or achievements by their employees. If an employee has helped the company reach its goals or made a significant contribution, they can be rewarded with custom pins. These custom pins will make them stand out from others and give them the recognition they deserve from their peers and employers.

Training awards

Training awards are perfect for custom pins! Training is a big deal, and truck drivers need to go through rigorous training to get their CDL (Commercial Driver's License). When they complete a specific course and pass the test, they should receive an award like a custom pin, hat, or shirt. A lapel pin is great because it can be worn on their hat, jacket, or shirt, which will proudly display the fact that they achieved X goal. And if it's a really important milestone, consider giving them something bigger like a plaque or trophy.

Showing pride in the company

Most trucking companies are proud of their accomplishments and history and want to share this with their employees. Custom pins are used to show this pride and provide employees with something that they can wear, which shows that they are part of a bigger picture. When an employee wears one of these custom pins, people will know that they are part of the team and represent all the group stands for.

The new trend in trucking pins is customizing them with the driver's photo and company logo. This may be a new way to market your company, and the investment could pay off.

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