How Does Pathfinder Camporee Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Pathfinder Camporee is an experienced camp designed to be exciting for participants.

Attendants gain valuable life skills by participating in activities designed to teach teamwork and leadership while meeting other people near their age. Custom pins are critical for the entire camp experience and its administration. They serve various purposes, from identity and recognition to fundraising, inspiring friendship and belonging, and much more.

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The pins you see at Pathfinder Camporee are worn on matching cloth squares. As a member of a particular section, you decorate your cloth square with pins, ribbons, patches, and embroidery showing what part of the camp that section belongs to.

The pins identify where members belong to help them find friends they know from school or their neighborhood. The pins do the talking-shy kids won't have to speak for themselves!


Members can earn pins by completing cool and challenging activities like way-finding, crawling through the woods with a map and compass, or knife skills. Activities that offer reward pins vary widely, but they always test the child's skills and push them to be better!

PinProsPlus custom pins allow Pathfinders to showcase their accomplishments in the real world. We create our pins specifically with these special fellows in mind and allow them to display their hard work, tenacity, and dedication as adventurers and remarkable members of society. An exciting new option for displaying special pins that are customized!

As they wear these badges of honor, they're reminded of the valuable lessons and skills they've obtained throughout the week as explorers and Pathfinders!


Pins are often associated with the military or law enforcement, so for this reason, they were not initially included in the Pathfinder Camporee's fundraising ideas. But, when committees asked to see their various creations, they saw how great they could be!

Many Pathfinder camporee committees have given out custom pins for donations from local businesses and individuals. As you plan your camporee fundraiser, custom pins can help keep the ideas fresh through promotion at each step.

Pin trading

Pin trading is an activity that Pathfinder Camporee often engages in. Pin trading is a way of raising money for the camp. They do this by letting people trade pins back and forth for donations of $5 each.

Custom pins are one way of raising money for the camp. These pins are created by The Pin People, which creates these custom pins specifically for Pathfinder Camporee.

The pins can be put on hats, shirts, and even on the event tickets themselves. The best thing about this form of fundraising is that it provides a tangible reward that engages people in the event more than just donating.

Friendship and camaraderie

Custom pins have been a tradition in the Pathfinder Camporee for decades. They are a way for participants to show their friendship and camaraderie with one another. The pins given out during the event are just the starting point. Participants can purchase additional pins from merchants or official Pathfinder providers, including the event's organizer.

Many of the organization's leaders endorsed the use of custom pins, and some even see them as an extension of what it means to be a Pathfinder and their mission statement: "You were born with potential; unlock it."

Event organization

Custom pins are a great way to ensure Pathfinder Camporee events go as smoothly as possible. The pins can be made with words or pictures, and they can be distributed to children during the event, so they're more engaged.

They can be given out on arrival to each camper so that it is easier to identify them throughout camp. At the camps, pins can serve as incentives for kids, such as getting a pin for completing an activity. They can also be used as rewards or to keep kids in line.

Stylish custom pin badges allow camp counselors to appropriately assign kids with activities based on their self-expression, interests, skills, and needs.

Christian values

Pathfinder Camporee custom pins can be made to represent faith with symbolism. The most common of these types of custom pins are cross pins that Christian kids can wear as a reminder to do good, live a life guided by the teachings of Christ and be a good person.

Also, pins with the word "Jesus" on them have been used for many years as an outward display of religious leanings. Today there is a much wider range of styles and messages available for Pathfinder Camporee kids. The camps may use pins with scripture or sayings from general Christian principles from many sources, including bible groups and other churches.

If you're looking for custom pins that perfectly match what you're trying to accomplish at Pathfinder Camporee camps, PinProsPlus is an industry leader in the artistry and craftsmanship required to achieve this goal. We're here to help you achieve a high standard, and we would appreciate any opportunity to prove it! Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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