How to Buy Custom Belt Buckles: What to Know

October 16, 2023

With so many options for making a fashion statement, where is the best source for buying a custom belt buckle?

The internet is filled with plenty of online web shops that sell individual belt buckles premade, but none of them fit your style or design taste. So, what does it take to have a custom-made belt buckle and what do I need to know before ordering one?

This article offers tips on choosing and ordering a custom belt buckle that fits you perfectly.

What do I need to know to order a custom belt buckle?

There really are only a few things you need to consider.

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First, what is your design?

The fact you are looking for belt buckles indicates you have some idea for a design.  You may not be able to design it yourself, and that’s ok, the idea is what is important.  Maybe you have a brand, or a logo, or an initial, or some other image that you want represented on the design.  Custom belt buckle companies will take your idea and make it look good.

Keep in mind, the shape you want the buckle:  round, oval, square, etc.  Shape may be dictated by the design but there is some flexibility and personal preference.  The shape is actually more important than you think.  Because belt buckles are worn around the midsection, you don’t want sharp edges or corners poking into your stomach.  Just a thought.

Second, how big do you want your belt buckle?

Size does matter believe it or not and in particularly with belt buckles.  We’ve made belt buckles for Santa clause and that guy is no small person.  With a personality as big as his, he needed a belt buckle to match.  His buckle was a 5.5-inch round and did the job holding up those oversized red trousers.  Now you most likely don’t need a 5.5-inch buckle, but 3 inch to 4 inch would be considered a standard size for the buckle you may want to order.  But, ultimately you decide if bigger or smaller is better.

Three, who will you choose to manufacture the belt buckle?

What people often fail to realize is anything can be made custom.  We often spend hours searching for just the right thing but never quite find it.  A belt buckle is such a personal thing, making a custom one is the best choice.

There are many companies that manufacture custom belt buckles, has been doing it for years and yes, we will make a single buckle.

The best part about working with a custom buckle manufacturer is they do all the work.  They will take your design, draw it up in artwork format, let you approve it, and then manufacture it.  All you have to do is approve it, pay for it, and then wait about 3-4 weeks for it to be delivered to your door.  It’s that simple.

How are custom belt buckles made?

Most custom belt buckles are diecast these days.  Diecasting is the most flexible method to create any unique shape or design you want.

A mold is made with your specific design.  Liquid zinc alloy is then poured into the mold.  The mold and liquid metal is then spun at a very high speed forcing the liquid to completely fill all areas of the mold.  The zinc liquid is then allowed to cool and harden.  Once hardened mold is opened and the raw belt buckle is removed.

The next step is to put the color and finishing touches on the buckle.  Enamel or paint is added to all the necessary recessed areas to bring the design to life.  And then the buckle is plated with a layer of gold or silver.  This is done by dipping the custom buckle into a solution and through an electromagnetic process the gold and silver attach to the raw buckle.  If you choose an antiqued finish then the buckle is dipped into an antiquing solution to darken the gold or silver.  Once plated the custom buckle can be buffed and polishing to give it the polished look you would expect for a high quality buckle.

We’ve discussed the look of the buckle, but we can’t overlook what is on the back side.  Each custom buckle comes with a loop and knob.  This is the working components of the custom buckle and what allows the buckle to attach to your belt.

What options do I have for a custom buckle?

There are many options for custom belt buckles.


A belt buckle can range from 2 inches to 6 inches with the most standard size being 3-4 inches.


Custom buckles are typically 3-5mm thick.  Anything thinner would be flimsy, anything thicker becomes awfully heavy.


There really is only one attachment on the back of a buckle, the loop and knob.  The knob is what goes in the hole of your belt, the loop is what the belt attaches too.  It is important to specify the loop size as it must be wider than your belt.  Belts are typically 1 to 1.5 inch, with bigger belts being 1.75 to 2 inches.  A standard loop size would be 1.5 to 2 inches.


Our bodies aren’t flat and neither should your belt buckle.  Most buckles are dapped which means curved.  While this isn’t a requirement it is recommended as it makes the buckle look more professional and natural.


Your belt buckle can be finished in shiny gold or silver.  It can have a more rustic look by applying a little antique.  Or, you could even create a two-tone metal buckle which is actually quite common in the custom buckle world.


Historically, when you think of a belt buckle you think gold or silver.  But today, the coolest custom buckle designs include enamel.  When you add color to gold or silver, it just makes the buckle stand out that much more.  Using a logo or unique design really helps provide contrast between the metal and the design.

What does it cost to have a custom buckle made?

This is the million-dollar question everyone wants to know.  Custom belt buckles are not cheap. We have to be honest, but a belt buckle is such a fashion statement that paying a little more for a quality buckle that is unique to you is worth every penny.

If you are buying a single buckle you can expect to pay $300 to $400 dollars.  The most expensive part of making a buckle is the mold cost.  Whether you make one buckle or 50 buckles, that mold cost stays the same and makes an individual buckle expensive, but 15-50 buckles much less expensive.

As an example, if you were to order 15 – 3-inch buckles for a group or team you would pay about $22, plus a $150 mold charge.  For a custom belt buckle $22 is a fantastic price.

Happy buckling.

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