How To Properly Wear Lapel Pins

October 16, 2023

Lapel pins come in a huge variety of styles and shapes, yet they aren’t seen in use very often. One big reason for this is that people don’t know how to wear them and are afraid of doing it wrong. Another issue is their name, which implies that the pins can only be worn with clothes that have lapels.Fortunately, it’s easy to wear lapel pins the correct way, and there’s no need to actually have any lapels in order to do so. Wondering how to wear a lapel pin? Here is how to wear them either with or without a jacket to put them on.

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Putting a Lapel Pin on a Jacket

This type of jewelry was originally made to be worn on the lapels of suit jackets, and this is what inspired its name. The pin should generally go on the left side in the widest part of the lapel. Military organizations may have strict regulations for the wearing of pins, and in these cases, will have their own specific instructions.

Wearing Lapel Pins When Your Clothes Don’t Have Lapels

Thanks to the fading popularity of the suit jacket, the use of these pins has expanded to other clothing. Men who are wearing a shirt and tie without the jacket should put the pin near the center of the tie. Men who aren’t wearing either jackets or ties are left with the shirt as a display medium. Pins should go on the left side of men’s shirts near the heart.Women also like lapel pins, and they have plenty of places to put them. Scarves are common locations, as are blouses and non-lapelled coats.

Attaching a Lapel Pin

Attaching these pins to clothing is simple. They typically have very short pins and attachable backs. Just squeeze the clasps on the back to allow it to be removed, put the pin through the clothing, and then push the back onto the end of the pin. Push the back on firmly in order to make the pin tight and keep it from turning from its intended position.Do you love lapel pins? Order your lapel pin from PinProsPlus and display it proudly!

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