Is a Custom Buckle Valuable?

October 16, 2023

I was driving down the road a few years ago and my son said, “Dad, there aren’t very many cowboys in this town!”  I said, “How do you know that?”   Without hesitation he said, “No dually trucks.”

Custom belt buckles are as valuable as the vehicle you drive.  They say a lot about your style, what you do for work, what your hobbies are and even used to recognize accomplishments.

I have yet to see anyone not wear a custom buckle with pride.

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How to design a custom belt buckle

Designing your custom belt buckle is half the fun.

There are few limits when it comes to your custom belt buckle.

Because it is custom, you get to decide the shape, size, colors and look.

Whether you want a classic two-tone buckle popular with rodeo athletes, an antique silver buckle that many tractor clubs have or a bright pink buckle like my daughter wears; we can make it.

Personalize your buckle even more with gem stones, figures and images, lettering, dates, logos, and personalized engravings.

Everyone is different and to match your uniqueness we can help you make the buckle of your dreams to match your favorite colors, hobbies or add the logo of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Work with one of our experts to create your personalized belt buckle.  We will take your idea or artwork and create a masterpiece that will last for years to come.

I don’t know what kind of custom belt buckle to make?

You’re in luck!  Our sales team and graphic designers have worked with 1,000s of customers and can assist you with the design.  From 3D figures, western themed borders or flat smooth hard enamel pins we can do it all.

Do you have your one clothing line?  If the western look isn’t your style, we can make custom diecast buckles like Gucci, Hermes and LV.

Buckles represent so many clubs, companies, hobbies, and causes.

Here are some great groups that use buckles:

  • Junior Rodeo Club
  • Welding Club
  • Barrel Racing Club
  • Union buckles
  • Political Candidates
  • Rodeo awards
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Wrestling Clubs
  • Personalized Name Buckle
  • Pride Buckles
  • Personalized Band Buckle
  • Sports Team Buckles
  • His/Hers Wedding Buckles
  • Cross/Christian Buckles
  • Corporate Buckles
  • Motorcycle Club Buckles
  • Car Club Buckles
  • Government Agency Buckles
  • Tractor Clubs
  • Fly Fishing Clubs
  • Trap Shooting Clubs
  • Zoo Merchandise
  • Patriotic Buckles
  • Hunting Clubs
  • Dude Ranch Buckles
  • Expo Buckles
  • Sheriff Buckles
  • Military Unit Buckles
  • Tourism Buckles

As you can see, the uses for belt buckles are endless.

What are the different types of custom belt buckles?

Let’s delve into design.

There are several types of buckles you can design.

  • Hard enamel-full color, smooth and flat buckle
  • Soft enamel-full color, dimensional
  • Diestruck-stamped in gold or silver
  • Diecast-Inner cutouts or intricate shapes
  • 3D-add a 3D look

The good news is that you can combine most of these elements to make a buckle that really pops.

Not only are custom belt buckles a stylish and integral fashion accessory for both men and women; they serve as a great promotional product.

What makes custom belt buckles a valuable promotional product?

  • Consistent visibility
  • Durability
  • Perceived Value

Consistent visibility

Have you ever been to a trade show or state fair?  Think of all the different products businesses handout. Wristbands, pens, flashlights, usb drives and the list goes on and on.

How often do you use the most common promotional products?  Maybe once or twice and then they sit in a drawer, on a dresser or are thrown away.  

Custom belt buckles are worn day after day.  They are one of the most viewed promotional products in the market today.


Because belt buckles aren’t a disposable promotional product.  They are made from high quality metals.  On my desk right now, is a belt buckle I made in 2011.  I have had that belt buckle for 9 years.  The same design is on the belt I am wearing and my mother has one hanging on her kitchen wall.

Guess where pens are that I was given in Orlando at a trade show earlier this year.  Who knows?  Lost somewhere, under my car seat or in the landfill.

Buckles last longer. It’s as simple as that.

Perceived Value

This may seem like a negative bullet point, but it is not.  When a buckle is given as gift, an award, or as part of a club or organization it is received with a high perceived value.  Why?  Because the giver took the time to design the buckle and forked out the money to give a great gift or award.  

Buckles trump other promotional products on all days that end with y.

Let’s get personal for a minute.  Why does my mom have my belt buckle on her kitchen wall?  It’s because of what it represents.  First and foremost:  me, but also courage, faith, hard work, sweat and tears.  The same could be said for a bull rider’s belt buckle, a truck club belt buckle, a rock band’s buckle.

The design on belt buckles represent us, who we are, what we have worked hard for etc.

My belt buckle is the logo of an online agriculture magazine I ran a few years ago.  I toured Utah interviewing farmers, ranchers, dairymen, farmer’s markets, planning commissions, horse racers, department of agriculture officials and many, many more.

It was a company I built from scratch, it meant a lot to me and everyone that supported me.

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