Is a Custom Coin a Good Giveaway Item?

October 16, 2023

We make customs coins for many companies and organizations of all sizes. We are often asked what products other than our custom lapel pins can be used to promote their events. It is one thing to use a pin, button or patch but we often give our customers the choice to use our custom coins to promote their event.

The question of can I use a custom coin for my coming event can certainly be answered with a resounding Yes! A custom coin can be a great benefit to your organization or cause as a giveaway.

Recently, PinProsPlus has partnered with the Fallen Hero Network in creating a custom coin to giveaway during its 9-11 National Rolling Memorial Exhibit. This exhibit will tour the country throughout the duration of the 2021 calendar year with stops and ceremonies in 18 different cities with special visits to the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA, Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon Building, Manhattan, NY.

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These coins will be handed out to dignitaries, donors as well as all first responders they come in contact with across the country. This is a perfect example of how a custom design coin can be used as a giveaway to promote any event or cause for your organization.

If you want to put your company or event on the map, you may want to consider what type of impact you can make in your community or organization by giving out your custom coins.  Creating a custom coin to hand out makes great business sense.  Not only is perfect for advertising, it's double-sided design can feature your logo on one side and a message about your company or organization.  Now, how exciting is that?

You can use your promotion to really make individuals feel valued.  Once they catch wind of what you are offering, they will more than likely be compelled to drop by your location to take advantage of the discount or savings that you have to offer.  They will love the idea of the challenge coin and will be the first to thank you for it themselves.

If you're looking for a way to step things up a bit from a promotional standpoint, you should consider the impact that custom coins have.  Sponsor an event and invite your VIP guests.  They will love being given the star treatment.

Businesses, organizations, brands, and even nonprofits are always looking for new ways to market and promote. There is an array of ways to do so, but promotional items are always a great option. 

Custom coins can be customized in a variety of ways. We can create any shape or any size coin you can imagine, as well as the standard round coins. Working within a budget is crucial for nonprofits. Custom coins are a cost-effective way to spread your message and give back to those who work so hard for the cause. A thoughtfully designed custom coin is sure to stand out and is sure to start a conversation. They generate interest, and when others see them, they will want to find out more! Custom challenge coins are a showcase of appreciation for volunteers and donors alike! Create a custom coin that is meaningful and unique.

Fundraising events are important for every nonprofit. Custom coins are an excellent means for fundraising. Limited edition custom coins are great items that you can sell at any fundraising event. These pins can also be sold on your organization's website. Price them at a premium and raise some good funds for your nonprofit in the process.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to show appreciation to volunteers. Show your gratitude for their time, dedication and loyalty with a custom coin they can cherish and display with pride. Present pins based on achievements, special events, accomplishments, or for new volunteers. Custom challenge coins are great for team building and will make your staff feel valued. Celebrate your volunteers and their incredible service. Recognize their hard work and time spent with a unique coin that is memorable.

You can’t forget about your donors! Without donors, there would not be any nonprofits. Custom coins are a great way to showcase your appreciation to donors as well. Customize your design and offer exclusive designs. These custom coins will be cherished, carried and displayed with pride.

Custom challenge coins can also be used to raise awareness for your nonprofit and further spread your message. They are exceptional giveaway options for events of all sorts. Use custom coins alongside other promotional items and something of weight and value. With the right design, your custom pin is sure to raise awareness for your nonprofit and generate interest.

Our coins can also be used for branding purposes. Customize your coin to show your nonprofit’s cause. Coins can be created with colors and unique details that will become recognizable with your organization. You can even use custom coins for social media campaigns. Think outside of the box and create a custom coin that speaks for your nonprofit.

As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to use custom challenge coins to promote your nonprofit. We've been creating coins of all sorts and we know what a top-quality coin should look like. We understand how much a custom coin can do for any organization.

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