Making Custom Enamel Pins: A Fascinating Process

October 16, 2023

There’s no doubt that both hard and soft enamel pins are the styles that most of our customers ask about and order. They are popular because they accommodate an infinite number of designs, they can look like fine jewelry, and they are very inexpensive relative to some other lapel pin styles.

Just as important, custom enamel pins express loyalty, appreciation and support for brands, teams, schools and organizations.

So, the process of we make an enamel lapel pin at PinProsPlus plays into how it will be used.

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The Design Comes First

Many customers come to us with a logo or knowing what they want on their pin and send their design after they’ve received a quote based on the style and number of pins they will be ordering.

But, often, a caller only has a rough idea of what they want to communicate. Our representative asks questions about how the enamel pin will be used and then our designers take over. Within 24 hours, they send ideas for the artwork back to the customer who can make adjustments to what they have been sent or approve the design.

Nearly any design is possible. It’s why we say “If you can dream it, we can make it!”

Once a design is approved, it is put into the manufacturing process.

A Die Is Cast

The manufacturing process is slightly different for hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins. But I’ll try not to get too far into the weeds explaining the differences.With either style, the artwork is stamped into the metal to create the pin’s shape.

When customers are ordering hard enamel pins, the enamel is heat-hardened and then polished. When the pin is completed, the enamel is smooth and flush with the metal borders. The enamel is applied in layers and sits level with the edges of the design. The enamel is set with very high heat before being polished to a high gloss look.

But when we are making soft enamel pins for a customer, the enamel is air dried which makes it settles just a bit. The metal borders end up being raised and the enamel colors are recessed. This gives the look of depth to the pin. The manufacturing process is a bit less expensive so a soft enamel lapel pin often is the best choice when using it for an event, a cause or for a large promotional event.

Pricing for Enamel Lapel Pins

There are lots of things that go into determining the cost of your enamel pin. As is the case with many other things, the larger the order the less each pin will cost.

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at PinProsPlus is the way we work with each customer to find the most-economical solution to their situation.

Chances are you’re like many of our customers: You don’t care as much about how your lapel pin is made but what it will cost and how fast you’ll receive it.

When you order a hard enamel pin from PinProsPlus, you’ll never pay any extra fees, charges or costs. All you pay is for the pins!

  • FREE design help
  • FREE artwork
  • FREE proof
  • FREE adjustments to the artwork
  • FREE setup
  • FREE ground shipping by UPS anywhere in the continental United States

Your pin will be ready to ship in 10 business days or less. When you phone us, we’ll answer all of your questions but we won’t not bore you explaining how your pin will be made. 😉

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