The Story Behind Music Festival Pins

October 16, 2023

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Music festivals of all sizes make sure to provide plenty of commemorative items both to promote the event and as souvenirs. The educational form of music festival also uses small items to give to participants, and sometimes, as awards to signify their levels. Music festival pins are some of the most unique of these things since they take forms that stand out from the usual programs, buttons, and similar items.Entertainment-oriented music festivals have been around since at least the 1960s and almost certainly longer than that. These events are marked by performances from up-and-coming musicians and bands, though a few current stars may grace the stage in order to bring more people in. Music festival pins for these events tend to be colorful and unique since they are meant not just as souvenirs, but as promotional items. They often feature photographs or drawings of the musicians or of scenes that fit the theme of the festival. The name of the event is often included.Educational music festivals pit students from various studios against each other in front of one or more judges. The judges then critique the performance of the music played. These events are great motivators for students to truly master however many pieces are required for the skill level they have entered under. Collectible lapel pins for these events tend to be much smaller than those used for entertainment festivals, but this is offset by the ornateness of the pins and their exclusive availability.In either type of festival, customization is the key to the appeal of the lapel pins. They should never be generic, but instead be obviously unique so everyone who sees them knows that the wearer went somewhere special to get it. Since music festivals are typically repeated events, this uniqueness serves as a promotional factor every time the wearer puts the pin on – and since people like to talk about the activities they've done, the wearer will be glad to talk about the event the pin came from. Best of all, the publicity gained from such pins is always positive since someone wearing one was obviously happy with the event.The next time you need to find a way to promote your music festival, you won't have to look far. Promote your music festival with pins from PinProsPlus!

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