Why Photo Dome Lapel Pins Make Sense

October 16, 2023

“Our company is sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity project next week. Can we get pins to give to our employees who volunteer on such short notice?”

We get calls like this frequently: An organization has an activity or event coming up and, at the last minute, somebody thinks of handing out pins to everyone involved as a memento or to recognize their involvement. Photo dome custom lapel pins were almost created for this purpose.Not only are they durable, inexpensive and can accommodate all sorts of designs and shapes, they are manufactured quickly here in Utah. In most cases, pins are shipped out within two or three days.

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Variety, Speed, Quality and Price

Our photo dome custom pins are so popular because of their versatility.Although we stock several basic photo pin sizes, they can be made in an almost-endless array of shapes, sized and styles – and made for many different purposes – although the design and manufacturing process is likely to take a few more days for a special size or application.The pin can be square, rectangular, round or oval, and range in size from ¾” and up – the largest standard size we stock is 1.375 inches. They can be done as cufflinks and tie clasps as well as the traditional lapel pin.Best of all, photo dome lapel pins cost as little 65-cents each.

Why So Easy?

One thing we do not do at PinProsPlus is cut corners on the quality of our pins. Fast does not mean poor.Our secret is the way we make our photo dome custom pins. We start by printing the design on a durable vinyl material with our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment. We then apply it to an in-stock gold or silver metal pin base before coating it with clear acrylic. An ultraviolet light hardens and protects the print to ensure that you have a durable, long-lasting, custom photo pin.Our unique acrylic formula won’t yellow over time.

Photo Dome Pins Offer Fast Turnaround

Like our customer whose workers were volunteering at a community event, a big reason photo dome custom pins are ordered is they need them fast. At the same time, the design and style of photo dome pins is very appealing. Your design can include color gradients and even reproduce faded colors. It’s easy to put unique branding or a logo on a photo dome custom pin without slowing down the production. Often, a customer wants to match a photo they already have and it is easy to do as part of creating a high-resolution image.While this sounds complicated, it isn’t from a customer’s point of view even though you can get an unlimited number of colors included in the design of your custom photo pin.Whether you have questions or are ready to order, feel free to use our online form or call one of our experienced custom photo pin representatives at (801) 544-1005.

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