Pins Can Help Your Business Survive The Coronavirus

October 16, 2023

There is no way that you haven't heard about the Coronavirus by now. It has completely monopolized all news outlets for the past few weeks. Its severity and spread have been downplayed by government officials, including world leaders, for too long. Now, since the steps that needed to be taken were not the virus has spread to America.This has had a devastating effect on everyone's day to day lives. Shops are empty, schools are closing and test kits are few and far between.

But, its not the end times. Things will get better.

The biggest problems truthfully stem from people losing their jobs, having their hours decreased, and struggling to pay their bills. Morale is very low right now, you may be struggling to find a way to keep your employees and colleagues from feeling too down.

Well, custom pins might be the answer. This article covers briefly how custom pins might be just what you were looking for.

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How has the Coronavirus affected the business world?

The new rules about being in large groups, and the important social distancing policies, have made operating a business very difficult.If you are a face to face business, like a coffee shop, then you are going to see a huge decline in customers. People are staying home, the economy is failing, and money is tight. Going out for coffee and cake is now a luxury that many people can't afford or would even be willing to risk.If your business operates in an office setting, chances are you are still going to struggle. The economic problems are not going to hit you as hard (in theory) but there will still be some issues arising over the next few weeks, if they haven't already.For example, employees may need or just want to stay home to protect themselves and others. This is fine if their work can be done remotely, not so fine if they need to be in the office to perform certain tasks.This means employers are finding they need to cut back on paid hours or provide minimal to no sick pay. They cant afford to, the business will go under if they do.

How can custom pins be used to help stop the spread of Coronavirus?

Custom pins offer a very cost-effective way of spreading important messages. Keep your distance, wash your hands, be respectful, and stay home. Custom enamel pins with these messages could be a fantastic way to spread these messages without having to speak to people face to face.The whole idea of keeping your distance and stay away from people falter if you are engaging in conversations with strangers. A pin is a good reminder for you and anyone else who might see it.

What benefits are there to sending your employees custom pins?

There are a few great benefits to sending these pins to your employees. First of all, they are a very cost-effective way of showing your employees you are thinking about them and that you care.This may sound overly emotional, but times are already serious enough. If any time is the right time for a show of support it is now. Employees are scared, not just for themselves and their loved ones, but for their jobs.The stock market has been in freefall. The stock market has already crashed harder than it did before the great depression. The difference now is that there are safety nets in place to stop it falling even further.Businesses will close, employees will lose their jobs, and people will lose their homes. At least, they could. That is the worst-case scenario, chances are things won't get that bad.But people worry that it will. Showing your employees that you care and they don't need to worry about their jobs is vital for keeping them motivated. Whether they can work from home or are having to wait for the virus to die out.Ensuring that your pins contain helpful little reminders like encouraging handwashing and reassuring them that they are better off staying home will help them stay healthy. Every time they see the pin, they will be reminded. The pins will be seen by their family members too, helping keep their spouses and their children safe too.These pins are inexpensive. The value they provide is priceless.

Is it cost-effective to send employees custom pins?

Sending pins to your employees does not need to be expensive. From design to manufacturing to shipping you are only looking at under a few hundred dollars total for 100 pins.Ensuring you keep morale high and work output is sustained, you will be making a huge return on your investment. If you are looking at things from a purely economic standpoint, the cost is low and the benefit is high. While money is tight, that's precisely the type of investment you should be looking for.

Could sending pins to people spread the virus even more?

The idea of shipping things to people and forcing them to come in to contact with foreign objects might sound counter-intuitive. Luckily, when it comes to pins this isn't an issue. Enamel pins are made of two things. Enamel paints and metal. Typically iron or steel. Both are easy enough to clean with disinfectant or sanitizer. Besides, the virus needs a host to survive. It spreads from person to person far more easily than it spreads from person to item to person. The risk is minimal to none.So long as you ensure that, if the pins are being shipped, they don't need to be signed for and can just be posted in the mailbox they won't even need to come in contact with the mailman.Additionally, our factories are taking every precaution in regards to screening workers, and frequently cleaning all work stations and machines.

What other ways could custom pins be used in this regard?

Buying and selling (or giving) custom pins raising awareness for the Coronavirus can do two things.First, it will help remind people to wash their hands and keep their distance, etc.Second, the profits from selling them could be donated to one of the many support funds for buying masks and ventilators that are so vital for keeping the infected alive.Many people will find themselves in difficult situations given the current climate. Buying food and clothes for those who aren't able to provide for themselves is an important way of looking out for one another. You don't need to contract the virus to be someone who suffers from it. The negative repercussions will echo throughout the community as a whole, be it the community of a small town or the entire country.


As you can see, the benefits of using pins to help raise awareness and offer reminders about how we can all keep ourselves safe are invaluable. The cost of a pin is minor, the value from keeping someone safe is infinitely more.Pins are a great way of showing your employees that you care. In a time where they may feel their future with the company is uncertain a simple pin might mean the world to them.So long as you keep reinforcing how much you care for your employees they will remain productive and happy. Stressed people who are worried about their jobs don't do their jobs very well. People who feel safe and secure do. Its simple psychology.Keep the conversation going by contacting us via quote form or call, and we'll help you come up with an idea for your specific business.

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