How Podcasts are Using Custom Enamel Pins

January 2, 2024

As podcasting goes mainstream, podcasters are figuring out ways to be different.  Thanking a guest with a unique gift is one idea that is catching on.  

Some podcasters are giving their guests a custom enamel pin.  A small, simple enamel pin may not seem like much, but don’t underestimate the power of a PIN.  It captures the emotions of the guest.

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The Emotions

Imagine you’ve just been a guest on “The Daily”, “NPR News Now” or “TED Talks Daily”.  It was a dream of a lifetime.  Your brand hit the big time.  And now a week later your wondering what did they think of me?  The insecurities arise.  The emotion has dwindled and normal life has returned.  You walk to the mailbox finding a package oddly enough from TED.  So, you rip it open, and inside you find a beautifully branded “TED Talks Daily” enamel pin attached to a backer card and a simple note that says – THANK YOU.  Your confidence is renewed.  Your emotions resurface.  And you relive the entire experience, a fan of the podcast forever.

I get it, you’re not “The Daily” or the “NPR News Now” but you have a podcast, and your invited guests still have an emotional experience.  So, give them something that reminds them of the experience, and helps brand your podcast indefinitely.

Now, the enamel pin doesn’t have the power, but it’s the story behind the pin that elicits the emotions of the podcast experience.  The pin is the reminder and it will now be displayed proudly like a mini billboard promoting the guest accomplishment as well as the podcast long after the podcast has ended.  Amazing how a little thing makes a big difference

The Statistics

The increase in the volume of podcasts is staggering as it surpasses 1,000,000 in number as of July 2020.

Some claim it is the best way to expand your brand and the statistics seem to back that up.  One statistic states, “54% of people are more likely to consider the brand advertised”.

So, What is the History of Podcasting?

2004 – Podcasting developed by Adam Curry and Dave Winer, an MTV disc jockey and programmer.

2005 – Apple iTunes supports podcasts.

2005 – President George W. Bush delivers the first presidential weekly address in podcast.

2005 – The New Oxford American Dictionary declares “podcast” the word of the year.

2006 – Steve Jobs, in a key note address, uses Garage Band to demonstrate recording a podcast.

2007 – Ricky Gervais gets an average, per episode, 250,000 downloads in first month.

2009-2011 – 59,574, 843 unique downloads by Andrew Carolla’s podcast.

2013 – Personal Audio claims patent on podcasting, suing podcasters.

2013 – 1 billion subscribers of Apple podcasts.

2017 – Personal Audio, loses law suit claiming they own podcasting.

2019 – 165 million people listening to podcasts.

2020 – over 1,000,000 podcasts, 29 million episodes.

My Story with Podcasts

This isn’t a success story.  At least not yet.

I have been a slow adopter of podcasts.  Up until recently I really hadn’t listened to a podcast.  However, I just subscribed and now listen to podcasts on my daily runs.  Freakonomics and NPR podcast channels seem to catch my attention and are the perfect length for my type of run.  

As a business owner, I am active on LinkedIn, promoting custom pins and learning from others.  I have been asked on several occasions to be a guest on various podcasts.  I have resisted to date, but recently booked a time on Olga Kirshenbaum’s podcast 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom.  Assuming all goes well, I might be venturing into the craze called podcasting.

Check out Olga’s podcast at 

An Example:  The Cannoli Coach

Kimberly Hambrick, a consultant, is approaching the 100th episode of her podcast entitled “The Cannoli Coach”.  She created a unique custom pin to thank her podcast guests for their time, effort and wisdom.

The pin includes her catchy podcast name, and you guessed it, an image of a cannoli.  And believe me, she knows what a cannoli looks like.  She helped us get the details just perfect even down to the powdered sugar on top.

Kimberly is a genuinely caring person.  She actually did some consulting with PinProsPlus and definitely leaves an impression on all her clients and guests.  The pin is just icing on the cannoli.  

100 episodes may not seem the hundreds of thousands the big names get, but you don’t get to 100 without doing something right.  Take a peek at what it means to be “The Cannoli Coach”

Who knows maybe you’ll be her next guest?

The Power of the Pin

Custom enamel pins are just that, custom.  You can put anything on an enamel pin.

Really.   Your logo, your slogan, your iconic image or even your face.  Whatever makes you famous and stand out is what we want.

Ordering enamel pins is easy.

  1. ‍Have an idea
  2. Contact us
  3. Order the pins

We will take care of the details in between.

100 quantity is a good number to start with and costs less than $300 delivered to your door.

If I can help you in anyway just email me at

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