Quilt Lapel Pins Tie Together a Patchwork History

October 16, 2023

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Quilt pins for quilting guilds, quilting competitions and awards, a national quilting museum, quilting blogs and podcasts. Many don’t realize it, but quilting is a large pastime in America and the world. Quilting is a $3.5 billion industry with 21.3 million quilters in the United States alone. But what is a quilt? What is the history of quilting? and why are people so interested in them?

The simplest description of a quilt is three layers held together by some means. Generally quilts have a cloth top and back with batting in the middle.  They are usually stitched together with thread.  However the National Quilt Museum says that a quilt’s three layers could be made of any material, from plastic to metal, so long as the basic structure is there.

Quilting has been around since the time of Ancient Egypt. It evolved through the Middle Ages, and spread throughout many cultures.  Although quilting was primarily used for clothing in ancient times, it gradually became used for bed coverings as well.

The act of quilting is something that doesn’t belong to any specific culture, race, or social class. Anyone can be involved in quilting, or even simply own a quilt.  Today there are many quilter guilds throughout the world.  In fact there are over 2100 guilds just in America!  Guilds work to bring together people who appreciate quilting, and enhance their quilting experience.  There are also quilting competitions held annually.  For instance, the American Quilter’s Society hosts Quilt Week each year and awards the largest cash prize in the country to its winners.

For those who are currently quilting, or those wishing to get started, there are many ways to participate in the quilting craze. PinProsPlus may not be able to assist you by getting quilting supplies, but they can help you design custom pins for you or your guild.  And just like quilts these quilting pins can be a unique patchwork of art.

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