Recognizing Nurses for All They Do

October 16, 2023

Let’s face it: No one is happy to see a nurse unless they’re a spouse, child, relative or friend. For most of us, encountering a nurse means we are seeing our doctor or are in the hospital because we’re not well.But when that happens, we’re delighted to see nurses practicing their highly-skilled profession. A friend was hospitalized for two months a few years ago and told me that his recovery was as much because of the care he received from the nursing staff as it was the physicians attending him. Not only did they dole out his medications but stopped in his room frequently during their shift to see how he was doing and monitor his vital signs. Sometimes, they dropped in just to talk for a few minutes to cheer him up.Often, the dedication of nurses is recognized by hospitals, clinics, retirement and extended care facilities. Whether the effort of a single practitioner is being heralded or the staff of an entire floor, department, office or institution, providing a unique nurse’s lapel pin can be one of the best ways to show appreciation.Sometimes, it happens at a lavish ceremony but, more often, simply presented to somebody at the start of their shift.

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Nurses = Pride in a Profession

Nurses are justifiably proud of the work they do. They are a vital part of the medical profession and often have more direct contact with patients than do doctors. For critically ill or injured patients, they are the people watching developments on a minute-by-minute basis.So, pins are handed out for all kinds of reasons: It might be during Nursing Week, Nursing Assistant Week or a week honoring home health care workers. There are staff luncheons and banquets for hospital donors as well at the end of a professional development workshop. Plenty of opportunities exist to recognize the men and women who are an integral part of keeping all of us healthy.We’ve found that nurses wear a special lapel pin with as much pride as they take in their work.Organizations and institutions order custom nurses pins with a variety of designs ranging from the traditional insignia to the hospital logo, a surgical instrument, a patient bed and even a prescription pad. We have manufactured them in all shapes and sizes with all types of designs. If you can dream it, we can make it.We even had a customer once order “Thanks 6 West!” pins that she handed out to the entire staff on every shift of the floor after she delivered a healthy baby following a complicated and risky pregnancy.

Be PINspired!

Whether you work with nurses or rely on them to help you recover or stay healthy, only your imagination will limit the kind of custom nursing pins you might want to use and hand out. Get PINspired and recognize nurses – the backbone of the medical profession.

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