Should You Wear A Lapel Pin To An Interview?

October 16, 2023

You have written the perfect resume; the references are full of positive reviews of your work ethics, character, and professionalism. Your suit and shoes are also on standby. Actually, you have all done all you can! But which accessories should you wear and which should you not wear? To be specific, should you wear a lapel pin to the interview?

An interview is technically like being judged. Your future, present, and past are being scrutinized to see if you are the right person. And what you wear says a lot about your present and personality. Current fashion trends are leaning towards classics. For gentlemen, this trend has brought back well-fitted ties and suits. And of course, with classic suits comes lapel pins.

Lapel pins are stunning wear that adds flair to any outfit. Wearing them is an excellent way for you to personalize your appearance and add a customized touch. You can also use a lapel pin to remodel your outfit and stand out. But should you really wear it to an interview?

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First things first. What is a lapel pin?

Before getting into specifics, let's first define what a lapel pin is. Basically, it is a pin you put on your lapel. The folded section of the jacket or coat below the collar is the lapel! Placing the lapel in this area easily attracts attention to it. There are different types, sizes, and shapes of lapel pins. Actually, you can also get a customized one if you want.

Uses of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are mainly used for cosmetic reasons. It puts charisma on an otherwise dull suit. It is another fantastic accessory for fashion enthusiasts to add to their accessory cabinet, while for the intricate, they add timelessness and elegance to their classic wears.

Also, because they can be customized, they can be used to show membership. If a business wants to be a step ahead, a lapel pin can show various staff positions. In addition, customized lapel pins can be used for advocacy. You can use them for causes like the ocean and environment conservation.

Types of Lapel Pins you can wear to interview

As lapel pins increase in popularity, so do the types. Currently, you now wear what you want or what suits your personality. Picking the right one for an interview depends on your preference. Here are some of them:

Boutonniere Pins

Most people refer to the Boutonniere pin as the OG in the lapel pin world. The flower pin is what most people in the 1600's used to wear. It is also one of the most formal lapel pins, and you can wear them to formal events like important dinners, weddings, and even interviews (Just make sure the color isn't a shouting one). A silk fabric or a real fresh flower is ideal for this lapel.

Long-Stem Pins

If you want to show a modern vibe to the interview, this lapel pin is your best bet. Long stem pins are ideal for contemporary men who want various designs to choose from. As the name suggests, all of them have a jewel or a long metal stem. A stick pin secures them to your coat or jacket.

While it is okay for you to wear them to an interview, they are mostly worn to laid back occasions like a get-together or a lunch in a garden setting. And as mentioned earlier, long stem pins come in various designs. Most of these designs are solid shapes, feathers, and animal heads. You can go for matte if you are a simple guy or silver and gold for an exotic feel when it comes to colors.

Enamel Pins

Sometimes referred to as mini-pins or badges, enamel pins are the smallest of the group. Most of them come customized with an organization's seal or flag. They are mostly used to show a person's membership or position. You can wear one that supports non-controversial causes like environment conservation to an interview in an organization that supports the same to show how serious you are about protecting the environment.

That said, more and more shops and people are coming out with more designs with additional features. They can be customized easily, and recently most people have been using them as an exquisite adornment adding jewels to badges.

What color lapel pin should I wear?

Any lapel pin color is fine as long as you coordinate it well with your outfit. If you are not sure, here are some recommendations:

The dark grey or black suit

If you are wearing a dark-colored suit, go for bright colored pins like green, blue or pink. A neutral color like beige, grey, or white will also do the magic. Bright lapel pins will add a dynamic touch to your suit, while neutral colored pins will add opulence to your general appearance.

Light Grey Suit

For a light grey outfit, brighter lapel pins like orange, red, or green will cut it. Also, dark color lapel pins like navy, black or black are okay. Like the black suit, these bright colors will add a great thrust to the outfit. Slightly darker pins will contrast nicely against a brighter colored suit.

Navy Suit

Navy suits are very versatile. As such, you can use any of the above combos to don your navy suit. Nonetheless, to classify them in order of preference, something like this will be ideal:

  • ‍Brighter Color Lapel Pins
  • Neutral Color Lapel Pins
  • Darker Color Lapel Pins

How to Wear Them

Now comes the most exciting part of the guide: How to wear lapel pins. Now, typically lapel pins are usually placed on the left; that is where your heart is, just above the jacket's or coat's pocket. Sophisticated suits come with a hole for the pin to go through. But if your suit doesn't have the hole, stick it through the jacket's fabric. Make sure the pin is at the same angle as the lapel.

Be as it may, lapel pins have proliferated from just being worn to formal occasions to infiltrating our day to day lives. They add a customized touch to your appearance and make a strong statement. And with tons of lapel pins available, you can match or mix them for the best look.

Lapel Pin on a Tie

Not wearing a jacket or coat but sporting a tie? Well, you can still put on a lapel. In this case, the best place to position the adornment is towards the middle of your tie. However, if you have a jacket on, the best place to place the lapel pin is on your left placket.

Lapel Pin on Dress Shirt

If you are not sporting a tie or a jacket, you can still put on a lapel pin on your dress shirt. Just position it on your left, near your heart below the collar, usually if you have a coat on.

Lapel Pin on Coat

To display lapel pins regularly, you can place it on a coat or jacket. For daily wear, it is common to use mini pins or badges as lapel pins. And as mentioned earlier, most pricey formal jackets usually come with a buttonhole on the left side. If it doesn't have one, pin the accessory to the left lapel to give your outfit a personalized look.

Lapel Pin Etiquette

One of the most controversial debates about lapel pins currently is whether long stem or boutonniere pins should be hidden behind the lapel or visible. While keeping the bottom of the lapel pin hidden is more accepted, it is rapidly becoming popular to keep the bottom visible for a relaxed and slightly edger look. This means there is no wrong or right way of wearing a lapel pin. Anything goes as long as it looks good. Try different positions and see what goes best with your outfit.

Now, because there are tons of lapel pins available, choosing the right colored lapel pin can be a hard nut to crack. The trick here is to go for a color that complements your whole outfit. Don't go for colors that match the patterns of your pocket or tie. If you are not sure, you rather go for a neutral color like grey or white.

Also, try not to over-accessorize with lapel pins. While you may be a fanatic of going all out, over-accessorizing won't cut it in an interview. In fact, it can be a disastrous faux pas. Wearing several pins, even if they look cool, can look messy. To get an organized but complicated look, it is good to be understated.

Wrapping it up

Though lapel pins are standard in formal events like weddings and get-togethers, if you know how to style them, there is absolutely no reason why you should not wear them to an interview. They are an excellent way to give your look that striking but simple flair it needs.

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