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Pinning Special Events to a Special Event Lapel Pin!

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June 11, 2020


Pinning Special Events to a Special Event Lapel Pin!

My wife grew up in a small-to-mid sized town. The two big events every year were the Fourth of July parade and community picnic with fireworks at dusk, and the Santa Claus parade in early December. For each activity, the town handed out a special event lapel pin to residents who showed up for the activities and nearly the whole community did.People wore the pins on their shirts or jackets for days before and after each event. The custom special event lapel pins created a sense of togetherness and a feeling of belonging to the community, not just being residents in the town.In fact, special event pins are in high demand from customers because they can be used to show off and promote everything from a Santa Claus parade to new product launches and a fundraiser being conducted by a charity, an amateur sports team, a school or a house of worship of any faith.We’ve even made a special event pin for a large family that was holding its first reunion in more than 10 years. Four generations of relatives were showing up. More than 100 people ranging in age from babies who were a few months old to the revered elders who were well into their 80s wore a lapel pin to show that they belonged together.They could dream it and we made it!

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Table of contents

Making Many Events Special

Besides family reunions, we have made custom lapel pins covering a wide range of special events:

  • City and neighborhood festival lapel pins
  • Grand opening lapel pins
  • Trade shows lapel pins
  • Job fair special event pins
  • New product launches and special promotion lapel pins
  • Retail sales lapel pins
  • Charity fundraiser lapel pins
  • Conferences and conventions lapel pins
  • School activity lapel pins
  • NASA missions to the International Space Station
  • The debut of a new comic book or movie superhero

Customers turn to PinProsPlus for their special event pins because we make a high-quality pin that the people who receive a pin are proud to wear. Plus, they are remarkably cost-effective: As little as 60-cents each depending on the quantity, style and size that are ordered.Even better, everything is included. No extra or hidden costs:

  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and on the phone if you call
  • FREE professional design service
  • FREE proofs very FAST
  • FREE revisions whether it’s your design or our concept
  • FREE set-up
  • FREE UPS ground shipping in the continental United States
  • Fast 10-to-15-day shipping on most orders

Diamonds Are Forever and So Are Special Event PinsI mentioned how my wife’s hometown hands out pins at the two big community events each year. When we were at home last Christmas, during a walk along the main shopping street she stopped to talk to old friends. Many of them were wearing a collection of special event pins that they’d received during the course of their life in the community.I asked one of the people why she kept all of them and still had them on her winter jacket.“They remind me of all of the happy holidays I’ve had here,” she explained, “as a kid and now as a grown-up with my own children.”It may be true that a pin is just as forever as a diamond!




We live and breathe custom pins, coins, and patches. After over 20 years of experience in the custom promotional products industry, and creating custom pins for Adobe, Red Cross, Airbnb, Six Flags, and more, we know a thing or two. You could say we're experts, and we'd likely agree with you.

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