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October 16, 2023

There may be no group of people more dedicated and devoted to a cause or an organization than those who volunteer in support of its work. They give up their free time to carry out the jobs that need to be done so the organization can continue to help other people.A custom volunteer lapel pin lets them know their work has been noticed.Non-profit social service agencies, not-for-profit community groups, hospitals and schools are some of the many types of groups that rely on volunteers to carry out their noble work and deserve recognition for their effort.In fact, there are dedicated volunteers contributing to all sorts of organizations in every city and town.A friend who was a volunteer baseball coach for his town’s Little League was surprised and delighted when at the end of his 10th season coaching kids, the league presented him with a Volunteer award pin. He told us that he never thought about the fact that the pin may have cost the league as little as 60-cents because the value to him was incalculable. “I was gratified that the board took a moment to say ‘Thanks, Jim, you did a great job for the players and the league!’”The simple fact is that a Volunteer lapel pin is giving a unique and memorable thumbs up to the people who make a real difference to a charitable or nonprofit organization.

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Volunteer Pins Recognize the Effort Made

Volunteering isn’t always very glamorous so those who do donate their time, energy and effort like knowing that somebody notice. Even though few donate their time for the applause they they will be even more dedicated when a volunteer lapel pin honoring their contribution is given as a token of the organization’s appreciation.For example, marathon races and fun runs for a charity take a lot of planning, organizing and managing so everything goes smoothly. Much of the grunt work is done by volunteers. At the end of the event, as the crowds are cheering the people who made the distance and are getting finisher medals, the folks who made it happen treasure being given a volunteer appreciation pin.Even a hospital’s gala black tie ball uses the help of volunteers. When a hospital holds a special event, a custom lapel pin marking the event is always in order and much appreciated by those who dedicated hours to help pull everything off perfectly can be thanked with a volunteer lapel pin.

A Cost-Effective Way of Saying ‘Much Appreciated!’

An organization thinking of handing out a volunteer lapel pin doesn’t have to worry about the cost. The lapel pins cost as little as 60-cents each depending on the quantity, size and style ordered. As always, at PinProsPlus the cost of the pin includes everything you’ll spend to say thank you for your help.

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PinProsPlus Will Make You a Hero to Your Hero’s

The real heroes of any group that relies on volunteers are the people who give of their time and their energy, whether it is helping people who are ill, who are dealing with hardships in their life, or providing a way for kids to play baseball.If you call us at (801) 544-1005, one of our representatives will help you become a hero to your true heroes.

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