Tips & Tricks In Designing The Perfect Lapel Pin

October 16, 2023

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At PinProsPlus, we strive to give you a customized experience and expert advice as you design your own lapel pin. Here are some of the top things to consider when exploring your options for designs:


Are you buying for a large sporting event or a small community gathering? This is important when contemplating your price point and how much you’re willing to invest. While all our pins are high quality, there are texture differences between some materials, such as hard enamel and soft enamel, and may change the cost per pin. We recommend exploring our pricing chart to estimate what is best for you.


For events of great importance, such as honors of service, we recommend hard enamel lapel pins over others for their durability and jewelry quality finish. However, diestruck pins offer a distinct all gold or all silver look if you are looking for a distinct elegant look.  If you’re in need of a less expensive product, perhaps for promotional purposes, we would recommend our custom buttons.


The various materials we offer give you different features. For example, diecast pins allow inner cutout designs for a truly unique design. We see these for  hat pins, festival pins, or trading pins. Photo dome pins can be made in as little as two days, ideal for last-minute events such as birthday parties,funerals, or baseball trading pins.


Many custom websites leave you to create your pin without any guidance; we like to do things differently at PinProsPlus. We give you a personalized experience to ensure you receive an individualized product and memorable service. Once you’ve outlined your information, we can provide a quote in less than an hour and a design in fewer than 24 hours. Give us a little information about what you’re looking for, and we’re happy to help with the process of making pins!

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