Types Of Challenge Coins

October 16, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • There are tons of different kinds of challenge coins to choose from including military, first responder, commemorative, university, sports, club, corporate, event, and custom challenge coins.
  • A custom challenge coin can be used to commemorate special events, recognize special achievements, prove membership in a group, and give a group something physical to bond over.
  • Almost all aspects of a challenge coin can be customized including size, shape, artwork, metal, and coin plating.
  • Challenge coins are great things to increase unity within a group and honor great personal achievements.

Challenge coins are a great way to make your next special event more memorable, but with so many different coins it can be hard to find the right one for you.

So what are all of the different kinds of challenge coins? There are a variety of different challenge coins out there including military coins, police, fire, and EMS coins, commemorative coins, university coins, sports coins, club coins, and many more, all of which can be endlessly customized.

With so many different coins available there really is a challenge coin for every occasion. Even if you are new to challenge coins, once you know a bit more about what is available and what you want, it will be really easy for you to find the perfect coin. So what are the most common kinds of challenge coins, and what are the benefits of designing your own custom challenge coin?

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What Are The Different Types Of Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are incredibly popular with a variety of different groups because they can help commemorate events, recognize personal achievements, prove membership in a group and give something physical for a group to bond over.

No matter what organization you’re a part of or what special event you’re planning for, there truly is the perfect challenge coin out there for every occasion.

Military Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been a long standing tradition in the armed forces, with many historians believing that the modern military challenge coin tradition started back in World War I and World War II. Not to mention that the first challenge coin ever dates back to the legions of the Roman Empire.

Military challenge coins can represent anything from the different military branches like the Air Force or Army, down to a small specialized unit or even the office of a senior leader, and they are often used in some sort of military ceremony to commemorate events, anniversaries and special achievement both in and outside of the military.

Whether the challenge coin is for active unit members or veterans, military challenge coins are a much respected heirloom that can be passed down through the generations so that the courage and achievement of all service members is never forgotten.

Police, Fire, And EMS Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are also commonly given to both active and retired law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS workers. For any first responder, a challenge coin that features their organization’s insignia is a great way to celebrate and provide physical proof of the years of service they put in.

These challenge coins are also great to give out as rewards for any sort of special event like an annual firefighter cookout. Nothing makes a cookout more memorable than a challenge coin with unique and special designs being given out to the person who comes in first place at the cookout corn hole tournament.

Commemorative Challenge Coins

Commemorative challenge coins can be used to commemorate and recognize any sort of special event or achievement. Whether given to a soldier in recognition of their service, to members of government agencies in recognition of a special anniversary, or to a club member who is attending a special club event, a challenge coin can help ensure that hard work is recognized and group membership is appreciated.

University Challenge Coins

University challenge coins are pretty self explanatory as they usually just represent that a person has gone to a specific university. A university challenge coin can be great for branding and giving alumni something to show off and bond over. Whether given out at graduation or to celebrate some other achievement, university coins are a great way to celebrate the university and its students.

The same goes for any other school as well. You don’t have to be a university to have your own custom coins. Challenge coins are just as great for any school level, whether elementary, high school, or college.

Sports Challenge Coins

Sports challenge coins are great souvenirs to give to fans as they enter the stadium or to commemorate a championship season. Sports fans love to show how big of a fan they are and showing off sports memorabilia is one of the main ways the biggest fans do this.

Sports challenge coins are great for fans of teams at any level of sport, whether professional, semi-professional, collegiate, or high school, a team’s custom coins will be a desired piece of memorabilia for all the biggest fans for years to come.

Club Challenge Coins

You don’t need to be a service member, first responder, or part of a sports team or university to have a challenge coin. Custom challenge coins are perfect for any club or group. No matter what your club is, creating a tradition with a custom club challenge coin can be a great way for new club members to bond.

Corporate Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are also great for any corporation or business who wants to increase branding and morale among its workers. Corporate coins can show that employees are proud to work at their business and show others what a great company the business truly is.

Event Challenge Coins

A challenge coin can also be a great way to make any event more memorable. It could be anything including an anniversary, a retirement party, a club cookout, or a historical event. Making a custom coin for your next event is a surefire way to make the event more memorable than it would have been.

An event challenge coin gives attendees a souvenir to remember the event for years to come and something to bond over after the event is over. No matter what your event is, your guests will no doubt cherish their special coin for the rest of their lives.

What Are The Benefits Of Designing A Custom Challenge Coin?

There are a variety of benefits to designing and creating your own custom challenge coins. Once you have a specific idea or purpose for your challenge coin, having the ability to create your own challenge coin gives you complete control over almost every aspect of the coin.

There are plenty of different challenge coin styles to choose from and there isn’t really any general rule about what your custom coin needs to look like or what shape it needs to be. You can create a large or small coin with any sort of insignia, art, motto, or date and the coin design process doesn’t just stop there.

While round coins are certainly the most common, you can also likely choose from a variety of custom shapes to further differentiate your own challenge coins from someone else’s Things like the coin edge, packaging, and metal and coin plating are all things that can be customized and can make a coin design stick out.

No matter what style of coin you’re looking for, with so many customization options available, it’s easy to design and create your own custom coin that will make anyone who receives it feel proud to do so.

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