What is a Military Challenge Coin Check?

October 16, 2023

In the United States, the giving and receiving of challenge coins have become one of the most treasured honors that a military service member can experience. Military challenge coins are collected by people around the world for historical interest and the quality of the design work. The tradition of exchanging military coins is important to the morale of the unit and is a sign of respect.

Members of the military or other organizations who hold challenge coins can participate in the tradition of doing a coin check. A coin check is normally a bar game in which a coin holder calls out the challenge. The game can be started by either rapping the challenge coin loudly on the bar or table or shouting it out. Be advised— it’s important to be aware of the consequences of starting a coin challenge, or else you may end up paying for a lot of drinks.

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Premise of a Coin Challenge

The basic premise of a coin challenge is for everyone to pull out their challenge coins at the same time. Owners of challenge coins should understand the rules of what the game entails, so that the game is fair for everyone. The challenger needs to also define how many drinks will be purchased by the loser of the game. Once the coin challenge has been initiated, it’s important to show your challenge coin by placing it on a hard surface or chair but stay close to it. Some rules state that if you’re more than four steps away from your challenge coin, then it can be taken by someone else.

How a Challenge Coin Check Works

As with any challenge there are differences in how, who, when and where these challenges can be played. The rules can also vary depending on what branch of the military you’re in (or where you are in the world), but the gist of the challenge remains the same. The person who fails to present their challenge coin during the game gets the honor of buying all the players a drink. There are some important rules to know about when participating in a challenge.

For instance, if you hand your challenge coin to someone, then it means you are giving it to them. Don’t make the mistake of losing your coin in this manner and know the rules before you play. It’s best to show that you have your coin by placing it in the palm of your hand, holding it in your fingers or putting it on your table. There are also other subtle ways to hold your coin close by. Some of which includes placing the coin in your hat band if you are wearing a hat, a front shirt pocket or in your pants waistband.

Challenge coins have a long and proven tradition of showing dedication and camaraderie to your military unit, government or fraternal organization. The history of challenge coins dates all the way back to Ancient Roman times, when soldiers were presented with special coins in appreciation for their service. In America, one of the first known instances of challenge coins appeared in 1917, when a volunteer squadron pilot’s life was saved thanks to the medallion he kept around his neck.

The United States soldier’s medallion proved to the French that he was not part of the enemy forces. The story goes that from that day every member of the unit had to carry their medallion at all times or submit to a challenge by a member of the unit. These medallions are now known as challenge coins, and they have become a tradition throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Challenge coins are an outstanding way to thank someone for their hard work. Whether you’re a member of the military, fire and rescue services or another organization, we can help you design just the right challenge coin. Our custom challenge coins at PinProsPlus are made from the highest quality materials, so they can be treasured for a lifetime.

There are many different ways to create a special custom challenge coin for your group, military organization or event. These mementos and how they are designed will say so much about you and your organization and the receiver. The size, finish, color and shape of your challenge coin all express the significance and meaning of your gift to those of your choosing.

They say it’s all about the presentation. Once you have created the perfect coin design don’t forget to package them in one of our presentation offerings. Not only will these protect your coins but it will show that these are a treasured keepsake to enjoy for a lifetime. You can choose from a clear coin capsule, black velvet pouch, clear coin pouch or black velvet box. These options will give you a unique and polished way to present your coin to that special individual you wish to honor.

When you present our custom-made challenge coins at an award ceremony or as part of a unit commendation, you’ll know it will show a level of appreciation that can’t be defined. We’re dedicated to creating designs to showcase your military unit, club, or other organization by providing meticulous attention to detail in all the work we do. When you’re ready for the best challenge coins available, contact us for superior service.

Don’t get caught without your challenge coin or with a low-quality coin as there will be consequences. Whether it is buying drinks or having issues with the quality of the coin, you don’t want to make these costly mistakes. Make sure you choose the best quality coin, attractive design and presentation option to show just how important your challenge coin is.

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