When Does a Die Struck Pin Makes Sense?

October 16, 2023

With the great variety in styles of lapel pins available, why do so many companies, organizations and people opt for our "die struck pin" style? Obviously, the reasoning behind every order is different. But one thing we’ve found over the years is that die struck pin buyers all want an elegant and stylish pin that is both very economical and can be delivered fairly quickly. So, we often find companies ordering a die struck pin with their logo on it to hand out to customers and suppliers, or to use as a team-building morale booster inside the business. Likewise, charities and social service groups find that a die struck pin can be used to show involvement in the cause or as part of a fund-raising effort.Whatever the reason, die struck pins offer the versatility regardless of how an organization wants to use it.

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Unique Process

A key reason why die struck pins are so versatile and stand out lies in the way we make them.We begin by creating a steel die, either from your design or one that our designers create for you. The die in laid atop a sheet of brass or steel. The design is stamped into the metal using pressure, which stamps it and leaves recessed and raised section. Then, we plate the metal in different colors before polishing it so that it has the look of fine jewelry. In addition, when a lovely contrast is wanted between the recessed and raised sections of the metal on the pin, we sandblast the recessed areas.One thing to remember about a die struck pin: It’s essentially colorless. As a result, we make many pins with dual plated or antiqued metals. It makes the design stand out more.

Die Struck Pins are Versatile

One of the beauties of a die struck pin is that by ordering a custom gold or all metal pin, it takes on the appearance of fine crafted jewelry. Even better, if the pin has an antique finish to it, it can look as if it is quite old. But the best thing about a die struck pin is that it can be used in so many different ways and for different purposes.Obviously, they are great for branding, whether by a business or for one of its products. They can be handed out at meetings and seminars, and used as part of a convention or trade show giveaway. They are cherished when an employee or department is being recognized, or when there is a team building exercise.Charities find them an effective way of recognizing participation of both donors and volunteers because they create an emotional connection between the group and people dedicated to its cause. Finally, collectors of all ages enjoy adding them to their assortment and then trading them with other collectors.If you have any questions about how a die struck pin can be PINspiring, call us at (801) 544-1005 or use the handy form.

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