Why Custom Cloisonné Pins Look Like Fine Jewelry

October 16, 2023

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Why Custom Cloisonné Pins Look Like Fine Jewelry

I have always admired the craftsmanship of ancient Chinese artisans and the artifacts they created.So, when I made my first trip to China, I allowed an extra day to tour the national museum on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Although I took time to see the several terracotta warriors brought from an Emperor’s tomb in Xi’an and marveled at examples of silk fabrics from ten centuries ago, I made sure that I checked out the exhibits of cloisonné vases and jewelry on display.It was only when I saw the genuine article that I realized how truly beautiful and exacting the pieces were, whether they were vases standing six feet high or delicate bracelets that were not even an inch wide.PinProsPlus has always made high-quality hard enamel cloisonné pins. But when I returned to Utah after that trip, I held a meeting with our designers, operations and manufacturing people to make sure that we would always design and make our pins with the same kind of artistry I saw in China. Ever since then, we have been constantly refining and improving our process so that customers ordering cloisonné pins would be as impressed with what we delivered to them as I was when I walked through the national museum.

Ancient Look, Modern Techniques for Cloisonné Lapel Pins

Obviously, the process for making a custom cloisonné pin is a lot different today than it was when the items I admired in China were made. For one thing, today there is technology to help improve the end result of the process. For another, we make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of identical items at one time while in the 13th century when cloisonné was invented the artists made one item at the time for one person at a time: – The Emperor, the Emperor’s wife, or ranking members of the Emperor’s household.When we receive an order for a cloisonné pin, we look at the design a customer wants add work closely with the head of our manufacturing function to determine the best way to provide the look and feel that the customer wants. It’s truly a collaborative process between our customer and PinProsPlus.Because the buyer chooses the metallic look and colors they want, our design and production folks spend a good deal of time finding the best way to incorporate the design needed into the meticulous production process.The mold for each pin is filled with our unique cloisonné paste before being fired in a kiln and polished to give it the lustrous jewel finish we take such pride in delivering. The special resins we use give each pin its hard and shiny, elegant look and feel.

Elegant Look at a Budget Price

Many customers remark at how cost-effective it is to order lapel pins that have the look of really fine jewelry. At PinProsPlus, a custom cloisonné lapel pin costs as little as 60-cents each depending on the quantity and size that you order.As an added plus, all you pay for is the cost of the pin. Everything else is included, of course:

  • FREE quote within one hour using our on-line quote form – and on the phone if you call
  • FREE colors from a wide ranging palet
  • FREE professional design service
  • FREE proofs very FAST
  • FREE revisions whether it’s your design or our concept
  • FREE set-up
  • FREE UPS ground shipping in the continental United States
  • Fast 10-to-15-day shipping on most orders

You will never be hit with extra or surprise costs.All you have to do is dream it. We will make it!To learn more about a custom cloisonné pin, us our online form or telephone one of our knowledgeable representatives at (801) 544-1005

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