How Should Women Wear a Custom Lapel Pin?

October 16, 2023

As custom lapel pins became part of a fashion accessory and statement, women began wondering – and asking us – “On which side of my jacket or sweater should I wear the pin? It’s a fair question; after all, nearly everybody wants to look their best.Most of the time, the answer is fairly straight-forward. Typically, when a woman wears a lapel pin it is on the left side of her clothing at about the height of a breast pocket. To show her professionalism, the lapel pin is worn in a line down the left side if she has more than one.It’s not a frivolous inquiry from women obsessing about their appearance. These days, women are wearing lapel pins with professional attire that includes jackets and skirts, dresses and pant suits. There are instances where a decorative pin is used as a jacket fastener in the middle of a blazer, shawl or a light coat during transitional seasons.

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Origins of Women’s Lapel Pins

Like many current fashion trends, women’s lapel pins have their roots in history. The early predecessor of the women’s lapel pin were the brooches first worn by high ranking women in ancient Egypt, led by Cleopatra herself.The brooch started to become a staple in the days of Queen Victoria when women of a certain class always had one. By the time I was born, they were commonplace for women regardless of their social standing. I can remember that neither of my grandmothers ever considered themselves “dressed” if they did not have a brooch in place. It always went on the left side of what they were wearing, close to the collarbone.The brooches were not small. I remember one of my grandmothers explaining to my mom, “If it’s too small, it’s not worth wearing.So, they usually were of medium size and quite dainty. But I recall that on occasion, the brooch threatened to overpower the face.Brooches were popular because they were a good way to add a splash of personality to a woman’s outfit. Unlike today, when a wide range of styles are worn to a wide variety of places, women’s fashion as recently as 50 years ago were fairly staid and predictable. They added interest to what a woman was wearing.

Women’s Lapel Pins Can Be an Extension of The Woman

Just as brooches are made in a variety of sizes, textures and colors, today the lapel pins we make for customers come many different ways and are made in a range of materials and looks.

Businesses and nonprofits alike are providing both women and men on their staff with pins that do everything from promote the name of the organization to new products and fund raising efforts. In fact, many of our corporate customers order the same pin in two different styles: One for men and another for women. The message is the same but the pin for women is designed to work better with women’s business attire – whether it is traditional or more relaxed and casual.Here at PinProsPlus, we have been making custom lapel pins that women wear for the ten-plus years we have been in business. Custom lapel pins for women cost as little as 60-cents each depending on the size, style and quantity ordered. It’s little wonder companies and other organizations want to tailor them to women’s tastes and needs. Everything is included in the price of the pin including:

  • FREE help with the design
  • FREE artwork
  • FREE proof
  • FREE adjustments to the artwork
  • FREE ground shipping by UPS anywhere in the United States

Ordering custom lapel pins designed for women is easy. You may request a free quote by email or by calling us at (801) 544-1005. If you phone, we’ll give you a quote right away. If you use our quote form, we’ll get back to you within an hour.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:

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