Why Do Politicians Wear Enamel Pins?

October 16, 2023

From awareness ribbons to promotional buttons and the American flags, lapel pins are a great way to show personality or solidarity with a cause while adding a little bit of accent to your outfit.

Americans have an almost religious veneration for the stars and stripes, writes Marc Leepson, author of Flag: An American Biography. This pride in the national flag goes way back to the civil war era when Northerners began flying the flag as a sign of pride and allegiance to the union. Since then, the tradition has picked up, and nowadays, Americans are wild about the flag and other stars-and-stripes associated memorabilia such as lapel pins.

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What are enamel pins?

Lapel pins, aka enamel pins, are small pins attached on the lapel of one's jacket or bag as a sign of solidarity with a particular organization or cause. Enamel pins are mostly used as memorabilia to mark achievement or affiliation with different organizations.

Lapel pins have been around for decades, not just in the Americas but also in China, the Soviet Union, and now Russia and so many other nations. In the U.S, members of congress, senate, and holders of other political offices often wear lapel pins.

Why politicians wear flag pins

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the men and women in uniform, Apple Pies and Hamburgers, there's no reason you shouldn't be crazy about the flag and related memorabilia. Damn be the separation of church and state because the American flag and other stars-and-stripes related memorabilia are like the church to many.

The wearing of enamel pins by U.S politicians spiked, especially after the September 11, 2001 attacks as a sartorial way of showing resilience against the enemies who were seeking to dismantle the American way of life and as a show of solidarity with the victims of the heinous terrorism act.

Star and stripes memorabilia and flag lapel pins. Nowadays, the quickest way for American politicians to display their patriotism is by wearing national flag-related memorabilia. Just ask former President Obama, he had to learn it the hard way, that when it comes to the enamel pin, it means you are either in solidarity with fellow Americans or not.

Barack Obama came under huge controversy back in 2008 when on the campaign trail, he was asked why he did not wear a flag enamel pin and he replied that he had won an enamel pin after 9/11 but stopped as soon as he observed 'people wearing a lapel pin but not acting patriotic.'

He further explained that he decided that he won't wear an enamel pin on his chest anymore but instead would try to tell Americans what he believes and all being well that will be enough testimony of his patriotism.

Of course, a controversy exploded. Some were totally supportive, saying if he wears the flag pin in his heart, he doesn't need to wear it on his chest. Still, many liberals and conservatives were quick to attack the presidential hopeful and even abandon camp. Like conservative fox news host Laura Ingram who said, 'it just shows he's not ready for the big time.' Sean Hannity said we wear flag pins to show patriotism because our country is under attack.

The Obama camp responded saying patriotism is how one treats their fellow Americans, but of course, after failing miserably in the West Virginia primaries, the presidential hopeful sought to rebrand himself, he was soon spotted with a flag pin, one that had been presented to him by a veteran.

Whether he was right or wrong that the enamel pin is being used as a substitute for real patriotism, the flag pin is a controversial subject. Right now, the verdict lies with the camp who see it as a symbol of patriotism and pride in the American way of life.

Who also can wear enamel pins and other flag-related memorabilia?

You don't have to be a politician to wear enamel lapels. Enamel pins come in all custom designs to suit different folks who want to show solidarity with a certain cause or organization.

In fact, pin collecting, and trading is even a thing now. From flag lapels to cufflinks, tuxedo buttons, brooches, sticks pins, belt buckles, and ribbons, collectors have had somewhere between hundreds to thousands of flag-related memorabilia handed down family lines for hundreds of years.

Custom pins have unique advantages. One, they are the perfect gift; they are like jewelry and show a sense of belonging and solidarity with a cause or group.

You can totally order beautiful looking pin designs for use at events such as fundraisers, conventions, graduations, and trade shows. Pins can also be used by businesses and corporations to designate membership and achievement. Your employee recognition program could use a lapel pin, present these to your employee of the month, year, etc. or just to honor achievement at the workplace.

Lapel pins can also be used by non-profit charities to show their cause and thank donors and volunteers. They can also mark special religious events such as St. Patrick's Day, etc.

As it befits the tradition, therefore, PinProsPlus is here to fit you with the right pin as memorabilia for that special occasion, achievement, or cause. Start today with PinProsPlus custom designs. From lapel pins to military challenge coins and patches, we have designs for everyone looking to belong for the lowest price, of course.

Are you looking for custom pins?

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