Can You Wear An Enamel Pin On A Tuxedo?

October 16, 2023

You look more stylish, suave, and elegant when you accessorize your tux with an enamel pin. If you wear it right, your outfit will stand out as the most fashionable.

Depending on the pin's design, one gets to make a statement in the most subtle yet clearest of terms-there is never a better stylish approach to self-expression.

Yes. You can wear an enamel pin on a tuxedo. The accessory helps to highlight your attributes, and so you can stand out with style and authenticity. The point is not to get everyone to look at your dinner jacket, but to integrate and harmonize your whole appearance. Different designs help to make different statements.

Some of the compelling reasons to wear an enamel pin on a tuxedo include:

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The pins make you look "put together"

Tuxedos are already stylish, and it would be considered madness to try to accessorize them any further. Nonetheless, choosing enamel pins for your dinner jackets helps you to style up elegantly yet subtly. You get to keep it formal yet elegant and personalized.

It's easy to wear enamel pin right

Unlike other fashion accessories that you know, it's hard to make mistakes with an enamel pin. That's why they are unsurprisingly the only acceptable way to style up a dinner suit. Anything else would be considered clutter or too informal.

When it comes to enamel pins, anyone can get it right- this is the easiest way to look your best without being seen as "trying hard." Enamel pins feel natural and comfortable.

One enamel pin can go with every look

If you would like to spruce up your tuxedo with an enamel pin, you might find that these accessories are highly reusable. Provided the style authentically reflects your taste and personality and the colors blend, a single enamel pin can find use on multiple work suits and tuxedos.

You get to modernize your tuxedo colors

The traditional color for tuxes is black and white, although modern designs use a variety of colors. Still, putting an enamel pin on a tuxedo lapel is a chance to break up the color monotony and achieve contrast and texture. It can be a chance to mix and match with your cufflinks and watches for a wow effect.

Wearing an enamel pin shows that you have mastered yourself and your style

It's easy to wear an enamel pin on a tuxedo. But when you step out, it tells a different story-the story of someone who knows who they are and what they represent. It's the originality and authenticity of these pins that people find attractive.

Tuxes and enamel pins are best buddies

Enamel pins for tuxedos bring out the cutting edge in your formal outfit. The best thing about it is that the accessory and the dinner jacket are so good together that it doesn't take a master's degree to figure it out. Barack Obama showed how, with his patriotic national flag pin. James Bond, Idris Elba, and Nick Jonas are the others to borrow a leaf from.

But the history of tuxes and pins goes back to the early 19th century. Its been a race to perfection and winning the affection of fashion lovers. The world has learned a lot from successes and failures in the combination of tuxes and enamel pins. And now, there is a formula for getting it right.

So if you are new to this trend, don't fret. In a short while, we reveal the tips for wearing a tux and enamel pin like a stud.

1. Choose a design that brings out the dapper in you

Like everything stylish, enamel pins come in various designs. Find one that best aligns with your personality and the style you are going for. Here is a quick breakdown:

The boutonniere pin: These are enamel pins with a floral design. They replace the idea of pinning a live flower on your suit-so you can look fly minus the risk of messiness.

Long-stem pins: They are more contemporary, styled for ladies and gents looking for a classy approach to styling their tuxes. From red carpet events to work dinners, long stem pins bring out the best in tuxedo jackets.

Badges: Perhaps unsurprisingly, badges are the most popular type of enamel pins to put on a suit or tuxedo. Why? They are subtle and stylish, and you can have them custom-made into any design from flags to stars to anything that the mind can conjure or that the heart holds dear.

Hard enamel pins: Any style above can be a hard enamel pin. These types of pins are characterized by a smoother finish, robustness, and durability. The pins are made from die-struck metal, which is then hand-filled with color. Polished and smooth, these pins can be the sleekest to add to your tuxedo.

Soft enamel pins: Any style above can be a soft enamel pin as well. The latter refers to a design direction where the metal lines are raised, and the pin has more texture. Details stand out much clearer in a soft enamel pin.

2. Suit up the right way

The pin goes on the left lapel, that's the golden rule. Wear the enamel pin slightly under the collar point or below the pocket square. Some stylish tuxedos come with buttonholes readily made for this type of accessorizing. Nonetheless, if your jacket doesn't have one, you can manually hook it by piercing straight through the fabric. Just watch out, not fray your favorite dinner jacket. Let the enamel pin sit in the same angle as your lapel.

3. Wear the right pin to the right event

Choose floral pins for a wedding: If you have an invitation to a wedding, most hosts provide flower pins for their entourage. As a guest, you can choose a floral enamel pin for a whole celebratory vibe. Choose a solid color pin with a floral design to go with your tuxedo. The rule of thumb is to go with the smallest pin so that you don't suddenly become the center of attention at the event.

Go all out with contrasting colors: For not-so-formal dinner parties, you can be creative with your tux and enamel pin as much as you like. One option for you is choosing an enamel pin whose color sharply contrasts your jacket color.

Choose tonal colors for more subtlety: Choose pins with deep blues and greens if you need to be low key. You will get it right with tonal colors provided they have a neutral base, which can be white, black, or beige.

The design matters here too. Go for relevance. Avoid accessorizing your dinner jacket with company-logo enamel-pins when you are at a wedding. Choose a design that's social, stylish, and helps you make a personal statement.

That means that you must order custom-made whenever you buy lapel pins. Find a seller or manufacturer that empowers you to create your style. The outcome will be a tuxedo-friendly lapel pin that has significance, and that makes you stand out with authenticity and relevance.

4. Wear one pin at a time

Layering works for informal occasions, but where a tux and a formal evening are concerned, keep it simple. Wear a single pin to avoid clutter. Layering on a tuxedo adds to much texture and dimension that tones down the sharpness of the attire. It can be messy and even embarrassing.

Over-accessorizing a tuxedo with enamel pins is a mistake that you should never make. Luckily no one ever does that. It's an unwritten law; using more than one enamel pin on a dinner jacket kills the beauty and purpose. Keep it simple, and keep it formal. The idea is to look presentable and classy and not to become a fashion rebel.

5. Match metals top to bottom

Wear a matching color for your enamel pins as your other accessories for the night. If you choose a silver-toned enamel pin, your cufflinks and watch should reflect a similar look for cohesion. Accessory color matching makes you look elegant and polished.

6. Choose a metal that enhances your skin tone

Today you can choose enamel pins in several finishes from gold to silver and sapphire. Find a color that enhances not only your tuxedo but also your skin tone. For instance, gold pins are the right pick if you have matte skin and dark hair.

Need a tuxedo-friendly enamel pin?

Enamel pins come in different shapes, materials, sizes, and widths. Not every enamel pin can look great on a tuxedo. The best pin has to be customized and designed masterfully for fashion and styling.

At PinProsPlus, making tailored enamel pins is our forte. We have decades of experience in making enamel pins of all types, including tuxedo pins. Talk to us. Tell us your style, and we will help create an enamel pin that sits right on your tux.

We will create an enamel pin that complements not just one but many of your outfits. We will create a pin that authentically reflects your personality. We will create something elegant and easy to wear. Enamel pins give new meaning to tuxedos. Let's show you how. Contact us to learn more.

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