Come and Get It! Farmer’s Markets Use Custom Lapel Pins

October 16, 2023

In the summer of 2018, Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market was named by National Geographic Magazine as the world’s best public and farmer’s market.  When the issue hit the newsstands and subscriber mailboxes, a quick-thinking PR person at the landmark ordered enough custom lapel pins celebrating the honor so that one could be handed out to every man, woman and child entering the next Saturday, which is the market’s busiest day of the week.I’m told that more than a few were even pinned on the collars of some dogs that were accompanying their family through the open-air section of the market.Since it draws shoppers from all around the metropolitan area, St. Lawrence Market had thousands of walking billboards reminding the nearly 4-million residents in the region of the treasure that is right in their backyard. The following Saturday, the place was twice as busy as usual.The anecdote illustrates how a public or farmer’s market can use its own custom lapel pin to draw customers and boost sales.Whether it is a civic institution such as the markets in Toronto, Seattle and New York or a market that appears just once a week in a neighborhood parking lot where local farmers sell their fresh-picked produce, freshly-churned cheese or free-range poultry, the right kind of promotion puts money in the wallet.

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Custom Lapel Pins Work for Different Sized Businesses

We once got a call from somebody asking, “Can small local businesses use a pin as a sales tool?”A common misconception is that pins are only for big companies promoting a well-known, national product. Often, people are surprised that businesses of all sizes use them for two simple reasons: Pins for farmer's markets work and are inexpensive.This is why people who are active in organizing, promoting or just selling at farmer’s markets find them to be an effective way of spreading the word, whether it is just around the neighborhood or across an entire, large city. A custom farmer’s market pin can be made in nearly any shape and size, and they can look like a bushel of fruit or vegetables, a juicy ripe tomato, a bunch of grapes, an ear of corn – well, as we say, if you can dream it, we can make it.For a business with narrow margins like at farmer’s markets, the investment is small. A custom lapel pin will cost as little as 60-cents each depending on the size and quantity ordered. And just as St. Lawrence Market discovered when it wanted to promote itself to customers while the news was still “hot,” they can be on their way to you in as few as 10 business days after you place the order.

Farmer’s Markets = Small Businesses Benefit

You cannot be a much smaller business that a farmer selling produce on a folding table in a parking lot. But when you put 20 or 30 farmers together in that lot and you have a good-sized business so a custom lapel pin to promote the market is not only affordable, it makes total sense.If you are responsible for organizing and promoting a farmer’s market, PinProsPlus can explain ways to use a custom lapel pin to build customer traffic and promote higher sales. Simply call (801) 544-1005 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.Want more information about Lapel Pins? Here are more related posts:We Help Advertising and Marketing Firms Help Their ClientsWhy Are Soft Enamel Pins So Popular?Hard Enamel Pins: When Only the Best Will DoDie Cast Pins Are Intricate with Cutouts and Unusual ShapesA Lapel Pin: Memory Trigger

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