How are Custom Pins used for Holidays?

October 16, 2023

Holiday pins spread joy and cheers, no matter the season. You can enjoy them whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter.

They are a great way to express the spirit of the season. Besides Christmas, 4th of July, Valentine's Day, and Halloween pins, PinProsPlus makes and designs many other holiday pins! The low-cost pins can be an excellent gift for friends, children, co-workers, and people of all ages. They are festive, beautiful, and fun! Let's help you add a special touch to your celebration with holiday pins.

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‍Halloween Pins

Halloween is marked by activities such as trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, attending parties, and wearing costumes. The Halloween Brooch Pumpkin ghost pins are an ideal way to celebrate the holiday.

From witches to black cats to jack o'lanterns, our Halloween pins let you choose all the classic Halloween imagery you love. These Halloween party pins are perfect for trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties. They make an excellent gift to give to friends and family.

Thanksgiving Pins

It is believed that the American concept of Thanksgiving originated on the other side of the Atlantic, in the colonies of New England. This is a time for thanking God for guidance during difficult or critical times and blessings in times of prosperity.

Put a Thanksgiving pin on it with PinProsPlus custom pins! Many different design options are available for lapel pins so you can make your attire stand out. Pin them to your hat. Put them on your jeans. Add them to your suit. PinProsPlus Thanksgiving pins are the shortest way from "meh, whatever" to "OMG awesome!"

Hannukah Pins

Hanukkah honors historical events that occurred in Jerusalem during the Seleucid Greek empire's rule in the second century BCE. During Antiochus IV Epiphanes' reign, Judean practice was outlawed, and the Jewish Temple was defiled because an altar was built to Zeus Olympios, and pigs were sacrificed.

This situation led to a small group of Jews, called the Maccabees, rebelling. They were able to retake control of the Temple, removed Zeus' symbols, and rebuilt an altar so they could once again offer sacrifices according to Jewish law. Many Jews use Hannukah lapel pins during the holiday season to extend the best wishes of the season.

Christmas Holiday Pins

Christmas is time to sit down together and sing Christmas carols with your family. Some people open their Christmas presents directly after dinner on Christmas Eve, but others do it on Christmas morning. Many parents encourage their children to be good all year long by using Santa Claus' gifts. Santa Claus always brings presents to the well-behaved, polite children. You can easily express your love and appreciation for your family and even clients with custom pins throughout the Christmas season.

New Years Eve/Day Pins

On New Year's Day, we have the opportunity to improve our health and happiness because the turn of the year represents more than a kind of magical rebirth, but because it offers us a chance to reset our mental outlook. New Year's Eve pins can help commemorate and reflect on how much has changed since a year ago since most of us are not the same people we were.

Valentine's Day

Flowers and chocolates are traditionally given as Valentine's Day gifts in the United States. Holidays like these are considered romantic. It is customary for Valentine's Day to feature a heart as a symbol. Get your sweetheart the perfect Valentine's Day gift-a custom love pin. We can create cute pins emblazoned with miniature roses, lovers' names, and cute hearts for a whimsical look. Your sweetheart will cherish them for a lifetime.

Easter Holiday Pins

Families all over the U.S. attend church on Easter to honor the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter Bunny is celebrated by those who don't attend church and even by those who do. People color eggs, hunt Easter eggs, and celebrate the holiday by painting eggs. Consider pinning your holiday lapel pin to the bow of a gift or the Easter basket. Easter holiday pins help to celebrate new life.

Independence Day Pins

On July 4th, many people watch fireworks and parades. Some communities also organize picnics and other events. Families typically celebrate by eating hamburgers or hotdogs. Custom pins can be used to commemorate freedom and patriotism. We can embellish them with the colors of the flag, fireworks, or the faces of the founding fathers.

What is your unique idea for a holiday pin? We're here to assist you! We have a team of designers ready to help you create your dream pin, whether it's a treat for your holiday party or an heirloom gift for your family. Contact our custom pin specialists at (801) 544-1005.

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