How can Custom Pins be used for Safety Recognition?

October 16, 2023

Safety programs can be complicated to develop and implement. The best custom pins make things easy.

They remind, motivate, recognize employees to promote safe behavior, teamwork and deter safety violations. By implementing a safety program that uses custom pins, you may be able to get your workforce to develop a healthy safety culture and continue to practice safe practices long-term.

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‍How important is the issue of safety in the workplace?

Worldwide, a worker dies in the workplace every 15 seconds. 321,000 people die in one year out of an estimated 317 million workplace accidents. The international labor organization highlights the social cost of accidents, but there is also an economical price to pay. The workplace's cost of accidents and illnesses is equivalent to $2.8 billion per year.

How to enhance safety programs with custom pins

Motivate employees to stay aware

You can use custom pins to set up a campaign from scratch. Promoting employee involvement through stylish pins with clear safety messaging can improve employee participation and real-time awareness of safety matters. An effective safety recognition program is boosted by a custom pin campaign for the program. This leads to a greater return on investment and participation.

Show appreciation in a personal way.

Companies get better results with safety programs when they offer employees the best choice in terms of rewards. Ensure that you are not using the "one size fits all" mentality. Try personalized pins-by offering your customers a choice of desired items, you will create meaningful trophies, which-in special ways-will remind each of them to adhere to safety protocols.

There is often a 50/50 split between employees who prefer small tokens versus winning large draw prizes. Grand prize pins can be added to the program to compliment awards that everyone can win. This way your company will be able to attract all employees' interest.

Keep the safety culture alive.

The constant reinforcement of positive behavior and building a safety culture is possible when you reward staff frequently, such as weekly. This way, using custom pins can help ensure that safety awareness and accident reduction goals are always a priority for employees. Employees may later be able to redeem cash prizes with these pins.

Incentivize groups and teams

Consider both individual and group rewards when designing your safety program reward system. Concentrate on teams and limit the number of measurable activities to no more than two. Rewarding criteria would include keeping up with all company policies on safety or participating in all safety training. Establish a monthly qualification based on an activity that is easily measurable, such as 100% attendance at safety meetings.

Pin award parties

You can organize special award parties to bestow custom pins to employees that have done well in the safety department. There must be a link between the reward and the goal of eliminating employee safety violations. Furthermore, the rewards must appeal immediately to the employees targeted. An effective recognition program will reward anyone who meets the set goals. By rewarding everyone, you eliminate chance from the equation and strengthen the outcome of the program.

Recognize leaders

You have to ensure that the best teams are involved in formulating safety recognition criteria and developing the program. During the goal-setting process, your safety committee can be involved. Assemble employees from different departments to help you establish safety goals if you do not have a safety committee.

To keep them motivated towards ensuring compliance, pins can be used from the word go. High-quality pins can be awarded to management teams that achieve the most KPIs as regards workplace safety. Your highly knowledgeable and skilled supervisors and managers are more likely to encourage safety-conscious behavior in their employees when they are personally recognized.

Remind about the goals

Safety goals are only achievable when there is top of mind awareness. Design and issue pins clearly inscribed with the program's goals and missions. These will remind everyone involved to stay dedicated to the program's goals.

Workplace accidents cause many deaths and injuries to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year. The right recognition programs using custom pins can be the key to preventing this problem.

PinProPlus makes the best safety recognition custom pins in the US. Through a safety program integrated with custom pins, companies can reduce preventable accidents by creating employee awareness. To get started, contact us at (801) 544-1005.

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