How do Bikers use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

Biker groups are getting more popular as they are an efficient, sustainable, and healthy mode of transportation.

Different biker groups use custom lapel pins as an identity piece. And with many biker groups expanding regionally, you can recognize a member of your group with the type of pin they have, regardless of where they're from.

One of the advantages of custom pins is they are versatile and can be used in different functions and capacities. How do bikers use custom pins? Herein are a few innovative ways you can implement with your biker group.

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‍Promote rides and rallies

Do you have an upcoming event hosted by your biker group? One of the best ways to promote the event is through custom pins. Biker pins are easily noticed and will extensively advertise the event. You can give the lapels to every member of the group to help market the upcoming rally. You can also sell the custom lapels to non-members to spread the word about the forthcoming event and use pins to raise funds while at it.

Honor and appreciate members

If you're looking for an affordable yet significant way to appreciate members of your biker group, you can do so with customized pins. Whether you're honoring a longstanding member of the group or adding new members, custom pins will always come in handy. You don't have to break the bank to appreciate your group's members; lapel pins are affordable and will virtually last a lifetime.

Brand clubs and groups

Most biker groups have special clubs that champion different causes within the group. For example, many biker groups advocate for a healthier and conducive environment. You can identify as part of the cause with specialized pins. Additionally, most of these causes are shared within different groups, making the pins a great way to identify as part of the greater biker community and family.

Fashion statement

Gone are the days when you had to opt for dull costumes to be part of a rising group. Most modern biker communities have fashionable and appealing regalia. Adding a custom pin to the group's outfit will make you stand out. Moreover, you can get custom pins made in the design of your group's identifying logo. This way, you can wear the pin wherever you are. Customized lapel pins can be designed to match with anything, from formal wear to casual dressing.

Achievement piece

Clubs can also use pins to recognize achievement from a member of the group. There are numerous instances where people got into biker groups to evade addictions and lead healthy and productive lifestyles. Whenever someone achieves a milestone, you can recognize and appreciate their effort with a biker pin. This will encourage them to keep going on while motivating others to start their journey of life improvement.

Sell collectibles

Raising money for a cause is always a cool idea, but it's not so easy. One great way to improve your fundraising is by selling pins. Numerous people would like to identify with the group, even when they can't physically join it. By buying a lapel, they support the club, feel part of the family, and contribute to your causes.

Offer club giveaways

Everyone loves a great souvenir from their favorite biker club. You can run a campaign to appreciate people in your community through pin giveaways. Pins are the ideal giveaway as they are affordable to produce and trendy. You can also customize them with unique features in the community. For example, if there's a feature the community proudly associates with, you can include it as part of the lapel design.

Sponsored events

Sponsored events are a great way to create awareness about your group and get more attention and positive influence. You can hand out pins in different events that you sponsor to help with your branding and growth objectives. Unlike most sponsors' advertising methods, people can actually wear your lapels long after the event is over. This makes custom pins a powerful tool for any sponsor. You can also recruit new members through this method.

Where can you find custom biker pins?

It is evident that custom pins are versatile and helpful to biker groups in numerous ways. You can now get top-quality and customized pins for your biker club from at pocket-friendly prices. For more information on our custom lapels or making an order, call us today at (801) 544-1005.

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