How do Choirs Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍As choirs grow in popularity, there are many opportunities for directors to get custom pins made for their group.

And it's not just members who benefit from these pins - team motivation, identification, engagement, recruitment, and fundraising are some of the ways that directors can use custom pins for the good of their choirs.

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‍Raise funds

Some choir directors find that custom pins are a great way to raise funds for their choirs. Of course, not all choirs use custom pins for this purpose. But it does make sense if the director is trying to raise money for a specific cause.

For example, let's say that the choir is raising money for cancer research. The directors can design custom pins with the cancer ribbon or any other design representing their cause. When people purchase these pins, they are not just buying a staple but also donating to the cause!

Show membership

A custom pin serves to represent membership in different groups, clubs, schools, or other organizations. Choirs use pins to identify members that are not easily identifiable.

The use of pins is prevalent in the music industry, where most choirs use pins to represent membership with their organization. Choirs are one of the few remaining musical groups still building their identity through traditions and customs. Pins in one way do so by giving members a sense of belonging and group identity.


Custom pins for choirs are a great way to provide motivation. Pins can be given to work for teams or put in visible places. Pins are also used to show the unity of the choir.

With cutting-edge services by PinProsPlus, Choirs will create custom lapel pins that they can use to motivate themselves and their audience. Custom pins are a great way for choirs to show off what they're all about. Choir pins are also an excellent way for choirs to motivate themselves and their audiences.

Different types of custom pins can be created using images, phrases, or lyrics from the choir's songs. Pins are a great way for singers to show off what they're all about. Choir pins are also an excellent way for choirs to motivate themselves and their audiences. Different types of custom pins can be created using images, phrases, or lyrics from the choir's songs.

Boost engagement

Choirs have a very niche following and usually have a small number of active members. This can be a bit difficult for them to promote themselves and get new members to come in. Custom pins are an excellent way for a choir to grab attention and get people interested in their performances. They can offer memorabilia from past concerts, discounts on tickets, or just the choir logo with some information about what they do.

Custom pins are also used as rewards for active choir members. If someone has been singing each week, they get a custom pin that says "I'm In!" or something similar. It's not too much of an investment, and it really helps people feel like they're part of the family.

Custom pins to recruit singers

Choirs are much like any other organization in that they face a constant battle to keep their ranks filled with singers. They have to recruit new members, which is easier today thanks to custom pins from We allow choirs to order pins with their logo and slogan so that members can hand them out as they go out for recruiting.

If you need to find angelic singers for your choir groups, try the charm and pizazz of our custom pins. It is easier to advertise with custom pins to find the perfect match. Choir members will wear their pins at performances and events to advertise for open spots in the choir. This allows people to learn more about the choir from those who are currently involved with it, and it ensures that a choir always has a large enough group of people to sing.

Choir festivals and events

Choirs often use custom pins to announce their festivals and events. This lets people know when and where the events will be held and whether there is a cost for attendance. Choirs also use these pins to promote their music, which can give them more exposure.

Choirs may use custom pins to announce choir festivals and events, including concert dates, ticket prices, and other announcements. Choir pins may be available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on the organization's budget. To ensure the best results with your choir pins, you'll want to work with a company that specializes in this area.

PinProsPlus is an industry leader in custom pins manufacturing. We are a multidisciplinary team of designers, marketers, and artisans ready and eager to help you achieve high goals with custom choir pins. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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