How Do Churches use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Small yet significant, custom pins can be fashioned to adorn church members, beautify church events and add vibrancy to all initiatives by or at the place of worship.

Using church pins may make a substantial difference in how one church group communicates with others. Pins can be customized that announce a church's people, mission, and vision. Pins can be customized to help with church fundraising or fuel a church's efforts in charity and community involvement. Pins can be customized that help a church spread the message of salvation, the grace of God, and the hope of everlasting love.

At PinProsPlus, we are humbled that several churches have been able to trust with the job to create their pins, customize them and inscribe them with meaningful messages. We are forever grateful to have been able to deliver per expectations-every time. We are hopeful to work with you now or in the future to create custom church pins that inspire unity, devotion, loyalty, and dedication to the church service and the coming God. Among the key uses of our custom pins in churches include:

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‍Identifying the church

Besides carrying messages concerning the church, custom church pins may contain the church's logo or sanctuary pictures. This, therefore, aids in expressing the religious organization's mission, vision, or history.

Custom pins are appealing to congregations because of their adaptability. Custom church pins may be made in several sizes and forms. And there are options between Soft enamel, cloisonne and offset printing, and die struck.

Symbolizing values

Custom pins with religious markings have symbolic meanings. The most common form of custom pins in churches is cross pins. To Christians, this is a symbol of sacredness. When dished out or sold to congregations, these pins can serve as a reminder to do good, be good and live a life that aligns with the principles of Christ.

Supporting church events

Annually there is always that big event in any church. It could be a crusade, fundraising, opening of new buildings, or even a healing service. Pins can be used to promote the events even to people who are not members of the church.

They may also help promote new initiatives, solicit donations, and uniquely express gratitude to volunteers, organizers, or financiers of these events. When the event closes, they may become commemoration objects.

Recognize church members

The choir team which blesses your congregation with angelic voices. The ushers who remind people to keep their masks on. The prayer team that fasts and prays for the church, its members, and the human race. These people and groups deserve appreciation, if not recognition, for their contributions.

Custom pins come in handy as a way to appreciate active and hardworking members. Through special logos and symbols, the pins can also help identify members of church groups and what they do-from the choir team to the youth pastors to the camera people.

Church fundraising

Most churches rely on donations to stay afloat. These donations may come from the congregation's most devout members. The money goes into missionary work, maintaining church facilities, conducting classes and schools, and assisting the community. Donations are that critical.

Custom pins make it simple to recognize those who go to the extremes for the call. Through special custom pins, more members of the church may be inspired to give. Alternatively, custom pins printed with hopeful messages and bible verses can be sold as a direct income generator.

They are a means to getting more followers.

Church custom pins provide a sense of pride and history for members. For this reason, they may feel the urge to wear them proudly on Sundays or even during the week. Consequently, they boost the church's recognition within and beyond the neighborhood. They are like posters fixed on individuals!

Wrapping up

In summary, the use of custom church pins started some few centuries back with the cross symbol. As of now, it's beyond a symbolic emblem. Churches can use it to get more followers, set up major events, and rally individuals. Not to mention, they are the best symbolic way to reward charitable acts!

Would you want to experiment with a custom pin in your church? As seen above, the applications are endless, and at PinProsPlus, we make the best pins that serve their purpose for many years. Call us at (801) 544-1005 to get started.

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