How Do Lion Clubs Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍Custom pins are an important source of revenue for Lion Clubs all over the world. They have been a part of the organization's identity and culture since its founding in 1917.

Custom pins are a way for the Lion Clubs to create a sense of belonging and unity. They also provide a low-cost way for the members to promote the organization. Lion Clubs also use custom pins to create a sense of belonging and unity among their members.

Further, they use them as a low-cost way to promote the organization in many ways, such as giving away promotional pins in bulk or using custom pins in place of traditional advertising when they have limited funds available.

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‍Token of appreciation

The lion club pins are used as a badge of honor and a symbol of appreciation. As the pin is often given to those who have done something for the club or event, it can serve as a reward or prize that doesn't break the bank.

The pins may be given to those who have achieved critical goals in Annual Fundraisers, outreach projects, or donation milestones. They may also serve as the prize for games at their events, such as Bingo or Raffle Games.

Steps up the ladder

After joining a Lion Club, members can be issued their "First Aid" pin. After earning two more pins, they are given an "Officer" pin and are given a chance to be "promoted" to "Eagle." The pins represent strong bonds between the members of the club.

The commitment that each member makes is an essential factor in being a Lion. As they acquire more experience, they are invited to become a Committee member. Once they become a Committee member, they are further bestowed custom pins that acknowledge them as a respectable Lion Member.

A Call to Serve

Custom pins are a reminder of Lion Clubs' work. It is the association's way of encouraging all its members to donate funds and volunteering their services. Many people get involved with the organization as a result of these pins. They are more likely to contribute when they see their contribution in a positive light. It's hard to ignore this type of incentive. They are a visual representation of your work.

Custom pins are made from metal, and once they are made, they are immediately plated in sterling silver. Many times, the lion who is on them is hand-sculpted. This gives them a classic and artistic appeal that many people find beautiful.

Magnetizing love

Pins are dynamic and engaging to giveaway for free at conventions and events because they can get passed around happily amongst attendees who may become fans of the club.

Revenue source

There are places in the world where the Lion Club's custom pins are a huge source of revenue. At Lion Club fundraisers, pins can be issued to fans, collectors, and donors in exchange for love. At PinProsPlus, we can create custom Lion Club pins with extra design elements to make them more fun to collect and give people something to go back for time and again after their initial purchase.

We the Lions

When you give custom pins to your Lion Club members, they will wear them around, and they'll feel like part of your team with a sense of belonging and community. They'll love the sense of community and mutual respect that comes from sharing pins in this way, and the result will be seamless rapport and high motivation.


Custom pins are used to identify members of Lion Clubs. To get a custom pin for yourself, you have to submit a membership application, pay a token fee, and in return, you get a pin that will identify you as a Lion. The pin can be a business card-sized piece of iron-on vinyl that you can stick to your jacket. You can also get a Lion logo pin that will have your club's logo.

Work with PinProsPlus

No two pins are alike, at least inside a particular club, because each pin is created by a member to represent their club and country. This is important because it makes each one unique.

At PinProsPlus, we are lions at heart. We share in the values and desire to strengthen communities. It would be an honor to work with you. We will put our best minds and materials to work to create standout Lion Club custom pins in exchange for just a few dollars from you!

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