How Do Non-profit Organizations Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

‍We sometimes underestimate the impact of small things. Custom pins, though small, can be the foundation of enormous success for nonprofits.

They are effective for nonprofits in promoting their programs and raising funds. These pins are highly personalized so that they can connect with the target audience better. Nonprofits give these pins away as part of their marketing campaign. They also use them to thank donors.

Organizations that already have a lot of members or donors will likely be interested in custom pins, too, because they can increase engagement with supporters and encourage more donations.

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‍Raise funds

Some organizations give their pins as rewards during fundraising. This is usually in exchange for a pledge or donation. In the sense of personalization, pins can be sold at events, online, or through an online retail platform. A successful "crowdpinning" campaign can raise funds quickly. For example, a pin series that pays donors based on the number of completed pledges could generate a significant amount of money for the organization.

Identify volunteers and stakeholders.

Some nonprofits use custom pins to identify their volunteers or stakeholders. These pins can easily identify who needs to get on board and who should be involved with a particular program. It's essential to have the right people in the loop if a nonprofit is trying to get funding from a certain donor or a national organization. It would help if you also shared these pins in other marketing channels to promote your organization's programs.

Distinguish the charity brand

Choosing to wear a custom charity lapel pin will create a subtle impression. Custom pins are memorable and will make make a lasting impression. Another way to use a custom pin to convey a good message is to create your version complete with your nonprofit's logo and branding. This can be achieved through the use of your images or even those of your volunteers. This can work really well to drive engagement and mission buy-in internally. Externally, this branding inspires the world to learn and appreciate what you do and possibly join hands with you.

Attract new members

A foolproof way to attract new members is to use pin promotions in conjunction with events. For example, a nonprofit organization can hold an event to give away regular pins or themed pins to all attendees. They could use these to introduce potential new members to the organization.

Appreciate donors

Donations are crucial for your nonprofit. They help your organization to operate effectively and provide much-needed funding for essential programs and operations. Most donors want to help, and your custom pins will show that you are grateful for the support. Also, it is a nice touch to acknowledge these gifts.

Motivate volunteers

Volunteers are the driving force of most nonprofits. They are the ones who do all the work behind the scenes. To keep them engaged and excited, nonprofits will use customized pins to help keep their volunteers motivated. For example, a nonprofit might post the name of a volunteer who has reached a new milestone. The nonprofit will give a clear reason why the person is getting a personalized pin. Volunteers love to see how their work is being recognized.

Spread awareness

In today's environment, a nonprofit organization must raise awareness of its cause or mission. Make no mistake about it; no one wants to be associated with a wrong cause, so leveraging custom pins is the best way to drive this impact.

Using custom pins to promote cause awareness can drive more engagement offline and offline. At PinProsPlus, we can design custom nonprofit pins engraved with the important messages that the organizations want to pass across. From Black Lives Matter to Save the Children, this form of messaging is passed across conveniently minus the limitations of time and space.

Keep up with trends

It's to purchase a pre-made pin on a website. However, this can sometimes limit the number of pins you can make. It also limits the colors, design, and messaging available for your specific purpose. That is why nonprofits have massively switched to custom pins. They are easy to work with and ultra-effective in all their use cases.

One major driver of the trend is the psychological appeal of the pins and the meaning that people place on them. They are an item of prestige and eliteness. They inspire volunteers to be proud of what they do, donors to give more, and the public to take a keen interest in what the charity does.

The time to create a bigger impact is now.

At PinProsPlus, all ideas are valid, be they big or small. Come with dozens of ideas, and we will help create a masterpiece out of all of them. Come with no ideas, and our creative teams will work with you to create pins that accomplish your nonprofit's mission. Call us at (801) 544-1005.

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