How Do Theme Parks Use Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

More theme parks are now working with pin manufacturers that design the pins and make and deliver them.
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‍More theme parks are now working with pin manufacturers that design the pins and make and deliver them.

These pins come in handy for theme park employee and customer engagement, event promotion, identification et al.

For example, if you went to your local Disney World Park, you would find all sorts of different themed pins on their vendors' tables at all times. You could find anything from Mickey Mouse to Spaceship Earth-themed. These pins could be souvenirs or a source of revenue for the theme park.

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‍Announcing launches

Do you want more revenue from your amusement park's summer season? Are you planning to launch a new ride or attraction this year? Why not engage customers in a way that will have them excited about spending time at your theme park or amusement park? You can use custom pins to let visitors know when they are allowed to be the first people in the region to experience your new adventure.

One fun way to promote your event is by making souvenirs specifically for it. Custom pins are a fantastic choice because they're popular with children and adults alike. Create varieties of styles that appeal to different kinds of people interested in what you have to offer.

Theme park attendees go crazy over custom pins.

In times like these, people find it hard to take time out for themselves sometimes. But it's human nature to want to spend money on things that are continuously rewarding ((the gifts that keep on giving, if you like). When you give out custom pins at your theme parks, visitors will be pleased with the experience. They will come back for more.

Creating something that visitors can take home with them helps to remind the visitors of their fantastic visit. Letting visitors buy customized theme pins as they exit helps keep those positive vibes going as they leave. It is a simple way for you to make sure your repeat customers return time and time again!

Custom Pins Make for Easy Identification

When you're in charge of a big team in a busy entertainment venue, it's essential to make sure you can quickly tell the people apart that work for your company.

Button pins engraved with names are a good way to do this. When they have custom name pins, each team member can easily see their role and, therefore, whether they need to engage with particular guests or other visitors visiting your establishment.

Employees that wear a conspicuous pin are essentially stating, "I am here to help you and address your inquiries." Thanks to name pins, others may quickly address staff if they have questions or want to express their thoughts about your products or services.

Appreciate volunteers and interns

Everyone has those moments when they're in between vacations when they suddenly think about how much fun they had volunteered at a theme park. If you want your theme park volunteers and interns to appreciate their time at your theme park, gifting them custom pins is a no-brainer.

One way to do this is by creating Enamel pins for volunteers because it's a pleasant and wonderful thing to have a piece of summer displayed on a backpack or jacket during the school year.

There's simply something so lovely about seeing a pin of a theme park on your clothing, but what is exceedingly inspiring is the fact that people who take part in volunteering get an even more personal attachment to these tokens.

Your theme park custom pins will be their source of fond memories from prior events, as well as making them proud that they were able to spend their time helping out their community! Increase productivity.

Appreciate employees

Recreation workers are like artists in their own right! They encounter fascinating situations, assist with rescues, deal with paperwork, collaborate with team members, and present excellent work to the public.

Pain: It's tough to improve employee morale satisfaction when your employees are always on the move.

Need: Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make team members feel valued and connected even in a large establishment where there is little personal connection.

Solution: PinProsPlus offers a wide range of pins to inspire positivity and make team members feel appreciated. There is no better way to show that you value them than through personalized pins!

Pin trading

There are many different kinds and series of pins associated with theme parks. These pins can be sold and bought online as well as on-site. Some people take pin trading very seriously, becoming serious collectors who collect pins from all kinds of series, sometimes selling them for large sums of money.

When theme parks produce enough custom pins to be traded and collected, it becomes an additional source of revenue. Customers can trade them with friends as a fun way to share their love for the theme parks and use them to interact with park members and kids who enjoy bringing back souvenirs. They will have top-of-mind awareness of your offerings, which might improve the attendance rate.

Do you want to improve your theme park's revenue, staff, or customer satisfaction? Call us at (801) 544-1005 to order custom pins today. We will answer your questions, and we will help you determine the correct pin style and shape.

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