How to Choose the Shape of Custom Belt Buckles

October 16, 2023

When it comes to style, a custom belt buckles makes a statement. It’s a one of a kind piece of clothing that everyone will see.

Belt buckles don’t lurk in the background; they stand out loud and bold. So, don’t for a minute think they are just for cowboys or cowgirls.

Most people think in terms of round, oval or rectangle when considering custom belt buckles, but that is just the beginning. Custom belt buckles can be any shape or size. 

If you are trying to promote your individuality you’ve got to think outside the box, the rectangle or the circle if you get what I mean.

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Who wears custom belt buckles?

Custom belt buckles are made for a variety of people and for a variety of purposes. Think organizations and institutions. Rodeo enthusiasts and country western singers. Motorcycle clubs, military and government officials. Even prominent business leaders wear buckles. Living in Utah, our officials often wear custom belt buckles when out inspecting the rural areas. A custom belt buckle makes a statement and sends a message.

The fact that custom belt buckles can be made in any shape or size or color opens the door to everyone. One little known use of custom belt buckles is as a replacement for finisher medals in a long-distance race. Race producers are constantly looking for ways to be different and make their race memorable. A custom belt buckle presented as you cross the finish line is a great way to get that recognition. A medal is nice, but a belt buckle is different and it will be the talk of the town whenever you brag about your finish.

Custom belt buckles can include logos, insignia, dates, images and any color you think making them good promotional items for any event.

Want a memory? Create a custom belt buckle.

We recently had a customer who wanted to make 15 custom belt buckles, one for himself and one for each of the men he worked with. He wanted to create a memory for himself and those around him.

Custom belt buckles are such they can be made as a single unit or in the hundreds. Regardless a custom belt buckle will leave a lasting impression and memory for a group, a cause or an event.

What are common shapes of custom belt buckles?

As mentioned, custom belt buckles can be made in and shape. Sometimes people start with a shape in mind and then fill in the details. Other times the details dictate the shape.

Because belt buckles are worn around the midsection you need to consider the impact of sharp points. You can imagine bending at the middle only to have a point jab you in the stomach. Belt buckles aren’t always worn, sometimes they are just displayed so shape really doesn’t matter in these instances.

The main thing to think about is belt buckles are decorations for the body, that opens the door to so many more options.

Here are some shapes that have been made into buckles but maybe you haven’t considered. We like to share these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Custom belt buckle shapes

  • Buffalo shape
  • Gun shape
  • Heart shape
  • State shape
  • Word shape
  • Flower shape
  • Hand shape
  • Star shape
  • Diamond shape
  • Irregular shape

Unique characteristics of custom belt buckles

Here are a few tips about custom belt buckles that might help your design stand out a little more.

  1. Two-tone plating.

If you choose to go with an all medal look you might consider a two-tone look. The finish of the buckle can have some parts gold and some parts silver. This gives it a very distinguished look.

  1. Antique plating.

Another effect that really makes a nice custom belt buckle is antique. Some people like the shiny belt buckle for bling, others like a more matte finish so the details really stand out. Antiquing will darken the gold or silver and add nice contrast so wording or details pop.

  1. 3D Sculpting.

Many belt buckles are 3D sculpted. It just seems if you are going to spend the money a little extra to make it 3D really makes it something special. 3D sculpting allows for curves and layers of detail that help highlight certain features. Some details just don’t do just unless they are 3D. You can spend hours admiring a 3D belt buckle for the intricacy.

  1. Dapping.

This may be a term you are unfamiliar with, but is important in the custom belt buckle world. Dapping means to curve or arch the belt buckle. Remember our stomachs are flat so neither should our buckles. If you laid the custom belt buckle flat on the table it would have an arch to it. It’s a common thing in custom buckles.

  1. Loop and Knob.

While the loop and knob may seem ordinary and expected, don’t take it for granted. The loop is what fits through your belt so you need to make sure the loop is wide enough to fit your belt. Most belts range from 1 inch to 2 inches. The bigger the belt buckle most likely the bigger the belt loop will need to be. We just mention it as most people don’t give it a second thought.

  1. Thickness.

The thickness is another aspect to consider. Belt buckles are typically 3 to 5 mm thick. 4 being a good standard. The thicker the buckle the heavier. We once made a belt buckle for Santa Clause. He wore a 5.5-inch belt buckle that was 5 mm thick. Now, Santa being so big himself he could handle a custom belt buckle of that size, but for you and I, we probably need to stick to a 3-4-inch custom belt buckle that is 3-4 mm thick. After all, we do have to wear it and while we want to look good, we don’t want it to be a work out.

PinProsPlus is an expert when it comes to custom belt buckles. We will help you from design, to production, to delivery. It’s a creative process we love to participate in and as the experts will guide you every step of the way. Happy buckling.

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