How To Measure A Pin

October 16, 2023

There are a couple times you’d want to measure your pin, and the first is perhaps the most important time to do so - when ordering custom pins.

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When Ordering Custom Pins

One of the first steps to creating a custom pin is coming up with the design. Our designers are fast and pump out excellent pin designs. We then send you that pin design (digitally) to approve.Having the ability to zoom in on the picture of your pin design to make it large is nice, but it will not give the same effect as if you were viewing that pin in person.You’ll want to view the pin design on-screen at the same size as if it were in person. For example, if you’re ordering a 1 inch pin, you’ll want to zoom in or out until the pin design’s longest side is at 1 inch. This will closely resemble what your pin will look like once it’s produced.This step is important, because some fine details may not be able to be seen just with our eyes on a product that small. Our designers take this into account, and will design your pin accordingly. When it comes to pins, the simpler the design, the better.To accurately measure your pin, all you’ll need is either a phone/tablet/computer, an internet connection, and a ruler.

How To Measure Your Pin Design Proof

  • Open the pin design image on your phone, tablet or computer. Here at PinProsPlus, you’ll see our template with a blown up image of your design on the left, and also a smaller version of your design next to a ruler on the right side of the template.
  • Grab a Ruler and place it on the screen, parallel to the longest side of your pin design.
  • Zoom in and out until your pin design matches the length of what you ordered, as compared to your “real-life” ruler.

This simple step you take when approving your pin design is crucial to the success of your pin. Sometimes an initial design is too intricate for the size ordered, and you may decide to either simplify the design, or to order a larger pin.

When Deciding On A Pin Size

Another time you may be interested in measuring a pin is when you’re trying to decide what size pin you’d be interested in ordering.A good rule of thumb is that 1 inch is the most popular pin size. However, there are times when a smaller pin or even larger pin may make more sense.POTUS commonly wears a flag lapel pin on their suit lapel. This is a ¾” size pin.The larger the pin, the more difficult it will be to pin to a shirt, jacket, backpack or hat. A pin should compliment one’s wardrobe, and not make it difficult to function.Baseball trading pins are often 2” or more in size, as they are mainly used for trading and collecting, as opposed to wearing.

How To Measure A Pin That You Have

If you have some pins on-hand, take out a ruler and measure them on the longest side. It’s important to remember that pricing for all custom pin companies base the size on the longest size - not necessarily just the width of the pin when looking at it right-side-up.


Ultimately this is a very straight-forward topic when it comes to measuring a pin that you physically have with you. However this article should give you some great direction and benefit when measuring your pin design before ordering, to ensure you’re ordering the right size for your design, and for you.Looking for someone to make your custom pins? We’ll be happy to help. Our in-house professional designers will take your idea or sketch, and turn it into a beautiful production-ready pin design that is perfect for the size you need. To get started with custom pins, request a free quote here.

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