What Do I Need to Know About Suits and Custom Pins?

October 16, 2023

Custom pins hold the crowd as the most favorite accessory for suits. They are small, but they make a tremendous impact on a person's overall appearance.

The pins come in diverse colors and make for exciting vibrancy when paired with contrasting suits. You should add the pins to the left lapel of your suit above the pocket. Suppose you are a politician, fashion designer, or business executive. In that case, you can use custom pins that summarize your brand and personal beliefs to help you market yourself wherever you go-passively and subtly.

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‍Custom Lapel Pins for Suits

The pins are small with a clip-on function that makes them stick on suits. They are called lapel pins because they are clipped to the lapel of the suit jacket.

Your suit jacket has a left and right lapel. This is the folded bit of materials beneath the collar -on the font. Depending on the suit design, the lapel can be narrow-good with small pin designs-or wide-good with large pin designs.

At PinProsPlus, we make stylish custom lapel pins to help you stand out, announce your brand or express your style with effortless ease. To get started, send us your ideas-company logo, organization symbols, favorite art, or personal statement-and we will pick up from there.

Why Stylish Men and Women Add a Lapel Pin to Their Suits

We can say thousands of things here, but why don't you try it yourself? Your suit will stand out more when you wear a custom lapel pin. The pins will add aesthetic va-va-voom to your outfit. They will make you look important-like those people who get VIP passes.

Matching suits are most popular today. This is where the suit trousers are the same color as the suit jacket. The outfit will be a single color. If you wear a matching suit, lapel pins will enable you to break up the colors in your suit, thanks to the contrast effect.

Consider wearing a bright-colored lapel pin with a black suit. Your black suit will look great with a simple white lapel pin. Conversely the, most brightly colored suits will look good with black pins.

How Should You Suit Up with a Custom Pin?

Use the buttonhole on your lapel.

Adding lapel pins to a traditional suit makes it look great. Your lapel pin should be placed on your left shoulder above the pocket square to achieve a polished look. There is usually a buttonhole on the lapel of most suits. You can still install the pin even if the suit does not come with a buttonhole. Carefully install/remove the pin to prevent damaging the fabric.

Make it colorful

Using custom pins on suits is a great way to add a splash of color, especially if you typically wear neutrals. You instantly look more sophisticated with a bright-colored custom lapel pin. It's important to choose lapel pins that contrast nicely with your jacket and show off the colors.

Two is better than one.

Try wearing two pins when you want to add sparkle to your outfit! Your entire ensemble will look trendy and sophisticated. For some cohesion, you can contrast your lapel pins, but they should also tie in with other pieces of your outfit.

How Should You Choose a Custom Pin for Your Suit?

There are different types of custom pins for suits. Think about the material of the lapel pin when selecting one. There are different materials used in making different types of lapel pins. Lapel pins made from plastic, for example, are cheap and equally inexpensive. When worn regularly, they don't last very long.

Find metal pins. There is no comparison between metal and plastic lapel pins regarding strength, durability, and longevity. You won't have to worry about them deforming or getting damaged and worn. In theory, a metal lapel pin will last for many years if made out of genuine metal.

Choosing the right color lapel pin is also important. Diverse colors are available, as previously mentioned. There are lapel pins that feature one color, while others feature more than one color.

It is important that your lapel pin color matches - or flows seamlessly with - the color of your shirt or necktie. As your necktie or shirt will be next to your lapel pin, the two items should have the same or similar colors.

Size matters too. Small lapel pins may go unnoticed, and in this case, they will not serve any aesthetic purpose. Nevertheless, if it's too big, your suit may get drowned out.

Best Practices for Suits and Lapel Pins

If you wear a lapel pin, there are a few things to remember. First, you should pay attention to the positioning of the pin. It shouldn't be too high, nor should it be too low on your suit jacket.

This is how to do it right: Clip your lapel pin several inches below your collar on the front-left side of your suit jacket. Place your lapel pin horizontally when securing it in place. Adjust it until it sits square and attractively on the lapel.

When washing a suit jacket, make sure to remove the lapel pin. It is also wise to remove the lapel pin from your suit before taking it to be dry cleaned.

There is a custom pin for every suit in your wardrobe! Dominate your style with class and attitude and a look that communicates your personality, bossiness, professionalism, and passion. Try custom pins for suits today. Call PinProsPlus at (801) 544-1005 to place your order.

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