Meet Adam Mathias

Meet Adam Mathias, the Operations and Customer Relations Lead at PinProsPlus, whose passion and versatility are key to our excellence in service delivery. Serving as our inbound sales representative, Adam is the bridge between our clients' visions and their tangible manifestations.

Joining the PinProsPlus family in December 2022, Adam shares a rich history with our owner, Bradley. Their friendship dates back to high school where they worked together as photo dome production workers for Craig Fry. This early immersion in our operations allowed Adam to grasp the intricate processes that make each PinProsPlus product a piece of art.

Adam holds a bachelor's degree in Athletic Training, where he gained hands-on experience working with college-level athletes, local youth sporting events, and an orthopedic sports clinic. Later, he achieved his financial licenses and ventured into the world of finance with a large firm. This unique blend of experiences has cultivated a rare combination of detail-oriented precision, empathic customer service, and financial acumen in Adam.

In his current role, Adam brings a passion for high-quality customer service. He takes pride in guiding each project from inception to completion, ensuring that every step aligns with our clients' expectations. His aim is to not just provide a product, but to build lasting, positive relationships with our customers.

Adam's appreciation for the craftsmanship of PinProsPlus products is evident in his love for custom-made pins, buckles, and medals. He revels in the process of transforming a client's idea into a reality that they eagerly anticipate. Among our diverse product range, his personal favorite remains the diecast pins and medals, admired for their unique shapes and custom cuts.

When he's not delighting our customers, Adam is an ardent culinary enthusiast. He loves experimenting with fresh ingredients from his garden to create flavorful dishes for his family and friends. Every day presents a new opportunity to create cherished memories with his loved ones, whether in his kitchen, on an adventure, or simply spending quality time together.

In Adam Mathias, we have a dedicated and passionate team member whose diverse experiences and customer-centric approach make him an invaluable asset to PinProsPlus.

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