Meet Amanda Dameron

Meet Amanda Dameron, the creative dynamo behind the striking designs at PinProsPlus. Joining our team in 2011, Amanda's artistic flair and commitment to excellence have significantly contributed to our ability to deliver unique, custom products that truly stand out.

Amanda began her journey with PinProsPlus at our Oklahoma branch, where she quickly immersed herself in the intricate art of designing for pins, belt buckles, medals, and more. Her role extended beyond the realms of design; she was instrumental in setting up the computers to initiate the final production process. This hands-on experience gave her a comprehensive understanding of the production lifecycle, enhancing her skills and insights as a graphic designer.

Today, Amanda operates remotely, crafting compelling designs from her home-based studio. This flexibility allows her to balance her professional commitments with her personal life, ensuring that she brings her best to every design.

Amanda’s passion for graphic art and design is at the heart of her work. Every customer request is a new opportunity for her to weave a narrative, transforming abstract ideas into tangible products. Seeing these ideas come to life as pins or other custom products fuels her creativity and motivates her to push the boundaries of design.

Away from her design desk, Amanda is a dedicated family woman. She met her husband while working in a movie theater 19 years ago, and the pair still enjoy their shared love of cinema whenever their schedules permit. As a supportive mom, she spends plenty of time cheering on her children in their various activities, taking pride in their growth and achievements. Camping trips and lively board game sessions are other favorite pastimes that she enjoys with her family.

Amanda Dameron’s creative prowess and dedication to customer satisfaction make her an invaluable asset to PinProsPlus. Her designs breathe life into our products, ensuring each one is as unique as the customers we proudly serve.

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